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Review of CLUGs (aka "the world's smallest bike rack")

Members of the Precision Hydration team give the lowdown on their CLUG's - aka "the world's smallest bike racks".

3 Minute Read

How Team DSM used lockdown to refine their riders' hydration strategies

Team DSM's Nutrition Expert, Lisa Nijbroek, explains how she's been helping the UCI World Tour team's riders adapt their nutrition and hydration strategies for racing...

5 Minute Read

2021 Athlete Muscle Cramp Survey

We surveyed hundreds of athletes with cramp and here's what we found...

1 Minute Read

Meet the couple using the London Marathon to perfect their IRONMAN run

Is it possible to achieve marathon success at this year’s London Marathon when focussing on a wider goal?

6 Minute Read

The Nutrition Secrets of the Premier League's Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Precision Hydration work with a long list of professional teams, and we're delighted to be the official hydration partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

5 Minute Read

A Sweat Test + stronger electrolyte drinks helped Marc Casals run his first cramp-free New York Marathon (at the 3rd attempt!)

3 months after getting his sweat tested and personalizing his hydration strategy, Marc Casals finished his first cramp-free NYC Marathon (at the 3rd attempt)!

5 Minute Read

18 athletes who overcame their issues with cramp by using stronger electrolyte supplements

Here's some of the many anecdotes/case studies suggesting stronger sports drinks can help you avoid cramping up during long periods of sweating...

18 Minute Read

How to truly integrate recovery into your training plan

Are you over-training and under-emphasizing recovery? Matt Dixon - aka 'The Recovery Coach' from Purple Patch - has some tips for optimizing your recovery process...

8 Minute Read

Severe hyponatremia and altitude sickness put this ultrarunner in a coma

Here's an extreme example of an ultrarunner who suffered from hyponatremia whilst traversing the Rockies.

9 Minute Read

All things aero with Simon Smart, Founder of Drag2Zero

Simon Smart is one of the most influential people in the bike industry and he explains how he's helping some of the highest performing pro athletes go faster.

11 Minute Read

How pros get aero on their bike

The likes of Team Ineos, Movistar and Sunweb spend huge amounts of money and man hours refining their aerodynamics. But as you’ll discover, there’s more to it than plonking Froome in a wind-tunnel…

6 Minute Read

How David Kurtz beat muscle cramp after 30 years searching for a solution

Cycist David Kurtz tells us how he used Precision Fuel & Hydration's PH 1500 electrolyte drinks to beat his issues with muscle cramp after 30 years of searching for a solution!

4 Minute Read
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