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Will TrainerRoad make you faster?

PH's Sean O'Mahony gives his verdict on the TrainerRoad platform and explains why it could be the perfect training tool to help you achieve your goals this year...


Sleeping bags and safety pins: How to prepare your kit for multi-day events

Record-breaking ultrarunner and UKA coach Damian Hall talks us through his thought process for selecting kit for multi-stage ultramarathons such as the Marathon des Sables. 


Team PH reviews CLUGs (aka "the world's smallest bike rack")

Members of the Precision Hydration team give the lowdown on their CLUG's - aka "the world's smallest bike racks".


JP reviews the Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket

Precision Hydration's Sports Scientist and keen ultrarunner James Phillips reviews the Proviz REFLECTIVE360 running jacket.


Andy reviews the Aussie Grit Focus Jacket

I’ve used and tested various items from the range in the past but my current favourite is the Focus Jacket - a lightweight waterproof primarily aimed at trail runners...


James and Sean review the ARK Orno Swimrun suit

The ARK Orno 2 was the Swimrun suit of choice at the OTILLO Scilly Isles and the World Championships, so James and Sean have reviewed the suit for us.


Brad reviews the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

Pro triathlete Brad Williams reviews the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX...


Orange Mud P.F.V. (Phone. Flask. Vest.) Hydration Pack Review

James Phillips reviews the Orange Mud P.F.V, which was was designed for runs under two hours and where you only really want to carry a small flask and a few other items.

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