Staying hydrated is going to be crucial if you want to perform at your best during the Haute Route Watopia event.

As the Official Hydration Partner of Haute Route, it's our job to help you nail your hydration and so here are some things to consider before the first stage...

  • Indoor training = generally more intense than outdoor training (‘quality’ over ‘quantity’!)
  • This often results in higher sweat losses - you’ve probably noticed the pool of sweat under your turbo!
  • 2 other factors that influence this = Air Flow and Temperature
  • Outdoor training = airflow over the skin, which cools you down
  • Indoor training = no/less airflow, sweat drips off you instead, no natural cooling
  • This makes staying hydrated really important if you want to maintain your performance
  • There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you are well hydrated during indoor training sessions…

Arrive well hydrated but don’t overdo your pre-session intake

  • Aim to drink around 500-750ml (16-24oz) of a strong electrolyte drink a few hours before you start key sessions
  • Don’t just drink lots of plain water (this can lead to a nasty condition called hyponatremia!)

Always have fluids available and drink to thirst during the session

  • Take this free online Sweat Test to get an idea of what strength drink is right for you and how much you should be drinking

Think about your recovery after the session

  • You'll likely finish dehydrated to some extent. That’s ok as long as it’s not to a degree that has negatively affected your performance
  • In most circumstances, simply rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes through food and drink consumed after training is fine
  • But, there are times when you might benefit from a proactive approach to rehydration. E.g. when you’re doing back-to-back workouts (as you are with Haute Route Watopia), or when you’re training late and you’re going to bed soon after finishing, so won’t have much time to eat and drink afterwards
  • In these circumstances, drinking a 500ml (16oz) bottle of a stronger electrolyte drink like PH 1500 in the hours after you finish can be beneficial

We hope this helps and that you enjoy the event!