Each year we all choose a 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' to take us firmly out of our comfort zone and push us to the next level in our training.

We've locked in our challenges for '22 and I've recommended articles from our growing Knowledge Hub to help each of the crew smash theirs...

Brad (Team Captain)

"Got roped into the ballot forĀ UNBOUND Gravel 100Ā by Seano, then he didn't get selected, so I'm off to Kansas on my own.Ā šŸ˜‚Ā  I'm a completeĀ *GravelĀ *newbie, so this'll be quite the challenge!"

Recommended read:Ā OurĀ Case StudyĀ fromĀ John Borstelmann'sĀ winning ride at the Gravel World Champs. Plus thisĀ Beginner's Guide to Gravel Riding.

Ron (Logistics)

"I'm going to swim, bike and run further than I drive in my van this year. I'm calling itĀ Man vs Van.Ā The idea is that it'll make me cut out those wasteful short trips to the corner shop etc."

Recommended read: Something tells me that Ronaldo's going to need our guide onĀ how to prevent chafing and blisters!

James (Head of Athlete Support)

"Having said I'd never race theĀ Ć–TILLƖ Swimrun World ChampsĀ againĀ after teaming upĀ with Andy back in 2019, it looks like I'm racing theĀ Ć–TILLƖ Swimrun World ChampsĀ again...šŸ¤¦šŸ¤·"

Recommended read: Abby'sĀ articleĀ andĀ Case StudyĀ breaking down his fueling strategyĀ during his first crack at the race.Ā (No excuses for under-doing the carb intake now that we've added "Fuel &" to our name JP!Ā šŸ‘€)

MaddyĀ (Sports Science Intern)

"I'm hoping to do a 25km open water swim, but I haven't been able to find an event to enter yet. If you know any decent races, I'm all ears!"

Recommended read: This interviewĀ Chris did with a chap who swam the equivalent of the English Channel (33km)Ā in a pool in his back garden. (It's 'only an extra 8km Maddy..."Ā šŸ¤£)

Jonny (Director)

"Maddy has kinda blown me out of the water (pun intended) with her 25km swim reveal, but a 10k is definitely big, hairy and audacious for me. I'm considering the Jubilee River Swim, The Dart or the Dock to Dock"

Recommended read: Two suggestions for JT,Ā how to start a long swim well hydratedĀ andĀ how to carb load before your next race.

Abby (Senior Sports Scientist)

"Greg and I are teaming up to doĀ Kong Mountain Marathon, which involves orienteering and fell running 45km across the Isle of Arran. Hopefully Greg knows how to read a map..."

Recommended read: How to prepare your kit for a multi-day event

Greg (Athlete Support Specialist)

"I guess I've got until August 27th to learn how to read a map...šŸ˜¬"

Recommended read: We've bought Greg a compass and I've told him to readmy advice onĀ the power of the checklist for race-prepĀ so he doesn't leave it behind...

Chris (Marketing Manager)

"To help keep motivation high, I've gone for multiple BHAGs by signing up for a Questars Adventure Race in March, the Hokey Cokey St Austell Swimrun in May, and I'm aiming for a sub-4 hour time at the New Forest Marathon in September."

Recommended read: Different formatsĀ of fuelĀ suit different events and our guide onĀ choosing the right energy productsĀ for each scenarioĀ could come in handy for Chris!


MelĀ (Athlete Support Specialist)

"I'm doing IRONMAN Wales. It was my 50th Birthday present to myself. Just don't tell my partner Ali, who recently said 'I've been waiting for 25 years for you to finish training'".

Recommended read: We have no less than 16 fuelingĀ Case Studies from full-distance triathlon racesĀ at the time of writing, 7 of which are from female athletes. Chock full of insights.

Andy (Co-founder)

"I'm aiming for the 100km Stour Valley Run that I was intending to do last year before my knee gave out. I'll do it over 2 consecutive 50km days rather than 100km non-stop though...I don't think the knee will take it all in one go!"

Recommended read: I've bookmarked Dr Bryce Dyer's guest piece onĀ why your performance declines with age (and how you can slow that decline!)Ā for a re-read!Ā šŸ˜¬

SeanĀ (Business Development)

"I'm attempting some longer, more challenging trail runs. TheĀ Howe Sound Crest TrailĀ has long been on my list for a while. There's no entry fee, no start time, no medal, no support. You just show up and do it. You're on your own."

Recommended read: Mountain specialistĀ Sam Hill's post onĀ how to train for hilly races.

Emily (Sports Science Intern)

"I was inspired to see most of the team take part in theĀ Hokey Cokey SwimrunĀ last year, so I've put my name down this time around!"

Recommended read: James' notes onĀ 5 things he learned doing his first swimrunĀ with me a few years back.

Dave (Marketing Director)

"I'm doing a Standard Duathlon atĀ Hever Castle. It's theĀ ITU Qualifier for the Standard Distance World Champs, which is in no way applicable to me but it sounds good doesn't itĀ šŸ˜‚"

Recommended read: How does sleep deprivation affect athletic performance?Ā (Dave's got two kids under 3!)

SamĀ (Supply Chain Manager)

"I'm doing my first marathon. I'm in the ballot for London sošŸ¤ž. If I don't get in, I'll do a local race."

Recommended read: 5 ways to avoid ruining your marathon the week before your race

Dawn (Office Manager)

"We're going to Iceland to snorkel between two tectonic plates in the Silfra canyon. Both the freezing water and crazy depths soundĀ pretty terrifying to me, but I'm keen not to miss out on the opportunity!"

Recommended read: How to deal with the dreaded 'after-drop'Ā when swimming in cold water.Ā šŸ„¶

Ali (Web Developer)

"Like Chris, I'm aiming to do a sub-4 New Forest Marathon. But I'm also hoping I can swing an entry for theĀ 29029 WhistlerĀ Everesting event in September! šŸ¤ž"

Recommended read: How to pace your perfect marathon.


So, there you have it, our Big Hairy Audacious Goals for the year ahead. We'll be crunching the teams' numbers and sharing their stories as they unfold, so keep your eyes peeled!