Claire Cashmore won eight medals across four Paralympic Games, including gold at Rio 2016, during her career as a swimmer and she has since made a very successful transition into triathlon.

The ITU and British Paratriathlon World Champion has shared her "favourite" indoor training session with Precision Fuel & Hydration, although Claire admits that it's very much a "love-hate" relationship with this particular session. 

It's an indoor bike session at critical power, starting with 10 x 4 minutes of effort with 2 minutes rest in between each. You can then build the effort with the goal to get to 40 minutes of all out critical power. 

Give the session a try when you're next training indoors and let us know how it goes! 

Click here for a printable version of Claire's indoor training session so you can make sure you've got all of the information you need when getting sweaty.