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PF 30 Drink Mix


Delivering the critical trifecta of carbs (30g per 500ml), fluids and electrolytes (500mg per 500ml, 1,000mg per litre), PF 30 Drink Mix is designed primarily for high intensity efforts lasting ~1-2 hours, though it can also be a useful contributor to your energy needs during longer sessions.

It delivers a steady stream of rapidly digestible energy along with fluid and a significant level of sodium to combat dehydration and electrolyte losses.


Our fuel comes in different formats to suit personal preference and the practical considerations of each sport

Drink Mix
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Want to know how much fuel you need?Try the carb calculator


Our Quick Carb Calculator™ helps you understand how much fuel you need to perform at your best.

Our range of fuel makes it easy to hit those numbers by telling you how much carbohydrate is in each serving right on the front of the packaging. No complicated nutritional tables to decipher, zero guesswork.

The all-natural PF 30 Drink Mix is easier to take in when you’re breathing hard (as there's no chewing involved!) and it's ideal when you need to keep your hands free. It's also useful if you have a nervous stomach before races and struggle to get solid calories in.

Informed Sport certified
Informed Sport certified
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
100% recyclable packaging
100% recyclable packaging
"The PF 30 Drink Mixes help me hit my carb, fluid AND electrolyte numbers which is super helpful. I use them alongside the PF 30 gels and other fuel to avoid getting bored or sick with any one product. They taste great, very mild!"
Brad Williams - Pro triathlete and Team PH captain

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"I really like the 'neutral' flavour, not too sweet and not really any discernible flavour, which is good during long rides when I'm working hard. The Carb Calculator and team really helped me dial in my fueling for my South Downs Double FKT attempt."
Mike Ellicock - 2nd fastest known time on a MTB for the 200 mile South Downs Way Double


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Drink mix review
Very easy to drink, neutral flavouring which doesn’t taste too sweet. Easily to drink for several hours on a bike or long run.

PH product range
Superb blend of fuel and hydration from PH. The drink mixes really well and tastes great! The gel is easy to digest and the packaging is easy to access even at full speed on the bike! Combined with the hydration tablets it is brilliant range.

The gels natural flavour was good , it was easy to digest,again gave you an instant surge in energy
The PH drink was easy and satisfying to take in ,it also gave an instant hit in energy when swim training the taste was also pleasant

The best energy drink I've ever tried (and I'm 50, so I've tried a few).
The best tasting energy drink I've tried, partly because it doesn't really taste of any one thing. No Pina Colada or Lemon Drizzle Cake here- just a completely palatable hit of energy that does exactly what it says on the can (or in this case, sachet). It's not overly sweet or sticky either, and it mixes perfectly. I'd like to be helpful by pointing out any potential flaws, but this drink really doesn't have any. And because the PH guys are behind it, you can be confident that it delivers too.