PF 30 Drink Mix

Delivering the critical trifecta of carbs (30g per 500ml), fluids and electrolytes (500mg per 500ml, 1,000mg per litre), PF 30 Drink Mix is designed primarily for high intensity efforts lasting ~1-2 hours, though it can also be a useful contributor to your energy needs during longer sessions.

It delivers a steady stream of rapidly digestible energy along with fluid and a significant level of sodium to combat dehydration and electrolyte losses.


Our fuel comes in different formats to suit personal preference and the practical considerations of each sport

Drink Mix
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Want to know how much fuel you need?Try the carb calculator

Precision Fueling

Our Quick Carb Calculator™ helps you understand how much fuel you need to perform at your best.

Our range of fuel makes it easy to hit those numbers by telling you how much carbohydrate is in each serving right on the front of the packaging. No complicated nutritional tables to decipher, zero guesswork.

The all-natural PF 30 Drink Mix is easier to take in when you’re breathing hard (as there's no chewing involved!) and it's ideal when you need to keep your hands free. It's also useful if you have a nervous stomach before races and struggle to get solid calories in.

Informed Sport certified
Informed Sport certified
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
100% recyclable packaging
100% recyclable packaging
"The PF 30 Drink Mixes help me hit my carb, fluid AND electrolyte numbers which is super helpful. I use them alongside the PF 30 gels and other fuel to avoid getting bored or sick with any one product. They taste great, very mild!"
Brad Williams - Pro triathlete and Team PH captain

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"I really like the 'neutral' flavour, not too sweet and not really any discernible flavour, which is good during long rides when I'm working hard. The Carb Calculator and team really helped me dial in my fueling for my South Downs Double FKT attempt."
Mike Ellicock - 2nd fastest known time on a MTB for the 200 mile South Downs Way Double


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Don’t underestimate the salt!
Hydration matters! Since using the precision hydration 1500 I’ve noticed a considerable performance improvement. I used to get back from 4hrs pretty trashed but now that I stay on point with my electrolytes I’m ready for training the next day without that depleted feeling. It means I can train more effectively each session and see bigger gains!

Great for Cramp
Excellent product with a nice taste. I get bad cramp both during and after riding and this really helps.

Everything you need
I have been using PH prdoucts for approximately 2years now and my pefermance levels have increased 2 fold during training and events. Using the 1500tabs in the lead up to events and during particurlary sweaty turbo sesions and the smaller capsules while on the run leg of a triathlon, this is where I would usually cramp towards the end and lose time but since using PH this has not happend. Using the Fuel range during my last 2 x 70.3 events I have manged to finish strong only using PH products for all my fuel and hydration needs. The natural flavour of the drink and gels make them easy to consume and you dont get that sickly sweet flavour. Due to them providing 30g per serving it means I now carry less gels making space in my pockets and bike for anything else that I may need. Since using PH products I have had no cramp or GI issues during any events something I suffered from in particular previously.

All this stuff really works. I'm not saying I've tried all the other available sports performance products but I've used quite a few in my time and in my opinion PH is the best. Just wish PH was available when I was racing internationally.

Gel and tablets
Immediately resolved my longstanding race cramping issues. Cannot recommend enough.

Fantastic products and customer service
As a 70.3 athlete and a very salty sweater I've found Precision Hydration products fantastic for avoiding cramps! I'm a big fan of the non-sickly taste in all products, especially the Gels! Thanks to all the PH staff for their amazing customer service and continued support!

So far so good.
Trialed a few different types of nutrition over the past month and PH gives me the fuel to train and race without any GI issues, had a couple of the best training sessions I’ve ever had on PH. Nutrition is so important and I seem to have found what works for me in PH. Looking forward to racing with it in Sept at Ironman 70.3 Bolton.

Making things easy
So easy to plan and execute and the taste is awesome too

It was time for a change !
I first heard about Precision Hydration on the Oxygen Addict Triathlon Podcast . I liked the honest approach from PH so as a result did the online sweat test and purchased the starter pack alongside PF30 Gels and drink mix. My wife and I have been using PH for about a month . At the moment we use PH1000 sachets and tablets regularly before , during and after exercise . We both like the taste and the added benefits from being sufficiently hydrated for our endurance sport .

Go the extra mile or three
Staff at PH are spot on, they are passionate about their products and like their products they go the extra mile helping you dial in to your individual needs. I am very impressed. I am a fitness professional and PH not only back up their products they give you all the technical support you need. They want you to succeed. A top shelf company. I would definitely recommend you give them a try.

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