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4 articles written by James Witts


The truth about ketones - do they aid recovery?

What exactly are ketones, what are their reported benefits and are they of use to you? Sports journalist James Witts reports back on his findings after attending the Science & Cycling Conference.

5 Minute Read

PB in the heat? It's all in the mind...

Sports journalist James Witts explains how the physical adaptation of training in the heat can also provide mental gains for athletes.

6 Minute Read

Can you trick your brain into thinking you're less fatigued than you really are?

Looking for your next exercise performance breakthrough? Understanding that lump between your ears is a good place to start…

7 Minute Read

The life of a cycling team doctor on the Tour de France

We talked to Dr Adrian Rotunno - Team Dimension Data’s team doctor - about supplements, the importance of technology in saving cyclists' lives and what it's like being a team doctor on a Grand Tour.

9 Minute Read
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