I wanted to tell you more about SweatSalts, an addition to the Precision Hydration range, developed in response to feedback from our athletes.

They're great for times when carrying enough pre-mixed Precision fuel & Hydration multi-drink mix or electroyltes tablets just isn't practical. 

What exactly are SweatSalts?

  • SweatSalts are vegetable based capsules containing 250mg of sodium and a small amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • They allow you to monitor your sodium intake accurately. 
  • They come in blister packs that you can easily carry with you when training or racing. They're light and, as the pack is ultimately disposable, you don’t need to carry additional bags or dispensers to hold them in.

When are they most useful?

  • SweatSalts are ideal when you’re on the move, especially during longer training sessions and ultra-distance events when total sweat output is high, but you don’t want to carry lots of fluid. 
  • They are designed to be taken during a race without needing to stop and mix up bottles. 
  • They’re already very popular with athletes doing ultra distance running or cycling events, 70.3 and Ironman triathlons and adventure races.
  • They're useful for athletes who prefer plain water to a flavoured drink, but still need to take in some additional sodium. They don’t taste of anything if you swallow them whole and, because they are predominantly sodium citrate based, they're very easy on the stomach (sodium citrate is alkaline rather than acidic, as in the case of sodium chloride, or common table salt). 

How should you use them?

  • SweatSalts are designed to be swallowed whole and chased down with a drink. (We recommend at least 2-3 decent mouthfuls of drink with each capsule).
  • Although, we do know some athletes who like to split them open into a water bottle or sports drink to increase the sodium content. 

How many should you take?

  • Each capsule contains 250mg of sodium. This is a higher amount than in most other similar products and 2 capsules deliver sodium equivalent to about a quarter teaspoon of table salt.
  • Take our free Online Sweat Test for guidelines on how many capsules to take in different scenarios. Or take our Sweat Test for more precise recommendations

Check out our SweatSalt capsules.

If you have any questions about how to incorporate SweatSalts into your hydration strategy, drop us an email.