Precision Fuel & Hydration founder Andy Blow joined the team at TrainerRoad to record a special episode on hydration, sweat and cramping for their 'Ask A Cycling Coach' Podcast.

If you're not already subscribed or listening to the TrainerRoad Podcast, it's well worth getting on board as the team cover all angles of cycling, nutrition, fitness and more. 

Andy visited the TrainerRoad studios in Reno to chat with CEO & Founder, Nate Pearson, and the Communications Director, Jonathan Lee.

The trio discussed the importance of hydration for endurance athletes and delved into the value of starting hydrated. They talked about how precise your hydration strategy needs to be, sweat rates, potential causes of cramps and delved deeper into the science of hydration and sweat. 

You can watch and listen to the full episode by clicking play in the video below: 


Want to hear more from the Precision Fuel & Hydration team? Andy, Abby and Jonny appeared on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio, and you can listen to their feature interview here:

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