In the second edition of our three-part 'lockdown training' series, we spoke to Precision Fuel & Hydration ambassadors to find out how they're adapting and improvising their training in order to ensure they're staying fit...

Hi again team, the lockdown has obviously been difficult for everyone, but it has provided some weird and wonderful opportunities to try new things. With that in mind, is there anything you've added to your weekly routine that you weren't previously doing in training?

Two-time World Duathlon champion, Emma Pallant:

I wasn't using swim bands before so we've added that to my routine and I have a lot more time for yoga now too. I'm also doing gym sessions every day, whereas before I was only doing more specific loaded sessions twice a week.

We've also discovered Zwift which has changed things up and my steady rides have got a bit faster!

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Team GB middle-distance runner, Eilish McColgan:

Cycling! Instead of using a cross trainer/elliptical at home (or in the gym when abroad) - I've been cycling with a turbo. It's not something I particularly enjoy but I've been using Zwift to pass the time a little quicker.

Top British ultra-runner, Robbie Britton:

I’m doing a weekly online fitness class with one of my athletes, Ali Young. But, as I work from home normally, my life hasn’t seen too much change apart from all the exercise being on the balcony.

Keeping normal routine, as much as you can, will help keep your head in a good place. At times I have struggled with sleep, and I imagine I’m not the only one, but adjusting training in those times is important.

Harry Tanfield, who was a bronze medallist for Great Britain at the 2019 UCI Road World Championships:

I guess it's a bit different as I'd normally be living in a villa in Spain at this time of the year but I'm back home in the UK. I'm still training on the road every day and relaxing after, so nothing has really changed to much for me to be fair.

I very much appreciate how reasonable the UK government have been not to ban outdoor exercise like some other countries.

Pro triathlete, Sarah Lewis:

Reading and listening to audible!

Age-group triathlete, Daniel Bluff:

Since I've not had to get up as early and no longer have a long commute, I'm using this extra time to sleep more. It's not the traditional form of training but I feel like it's greatly enhanced my recovery time after hard sessions and I'm valuing it a lot more now.

What is the one thing you've improvised with your training that fellow athletes might find useful?

Emma: I've done a lot of specific sessions that have lead onto other sessions. So, the results from one session will dictate the zones for the next in order to keep having short term goals while there are no races on.

Eilish: It's been great to see a lot of people's different strength workouts from home. I've definitely taken different exercises that I've found useful and incorporated those into my training. People are certainly willing to share more advice and become more open towards their training which is great!

Robbie: I have a ledge next to my bike that's always stocked with fluids (bottle of Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes for sure) and food so that I have the option. We certainly sweat more cycling indoors so I’ll prepare extra water just in case I need it, rather than run out before my last interval and potentially affect my recovery. 

Age-group triathlete, Zachary Josie: One thing I've improvised, or at least done differently, is I try to add 1-2 unstructured or unplanned workouts or challenges a week. Taking advantage of the online races and IRONMAN virtual challenges has definitely been a great way to keep me interested in all this training.

I also do a virtual ride with my brother once a week now, which is something I think we will both continue when this is over.

Harry: Dialling my hydration in. I carry 2 litres minimum on the bike now for every training ride and I'm using the SweatSalt capsules. It's very rare that I'll come back with any left after a ~4 hour ride. 

Sarah: No creativity here unfortunately, although I actually bought the Wahoo desk stand for the turbo (or the cheaper Wiggle alternative which is identical) and I’d definitely recommend that. 

Daniel: I'm self-coached and this gives me the freedom to switch and change sessions based on how I feel that day. If I'm tired and have heavy legs but I'm meant to be doing a hard bike session, then I'll switch my training to the next day (or later in the week) to allow my body to recover. 

If you have kids, have you started to incorporate them into your workouts more, and if so, how?  

Emma: Well, my fiancé, Jaryd, is growing up fast and I've let him join in with some Zwift rides, which have been a total failure because we spend so much time making sure we start together and then split up in the first five minutes because he says I do my easy sessions too hard.

But we've had some fun doing some of the sprints and we love doing gym and yoga sessions together

Robbie: We have a German short-haired pointer and my wife has done some little runs on our balcony holding a dog biscuit in her hand to get Rosa to chase her. Maybe that would work for getting kids to exercise too?

Haha, thanks Robbie! I look forward to catching up for Part 3 of our lockdown training series.