As part of our 'lockdown training' series, we've spoken to Precision Fuel & Hydration ambassadors about how they've changed their training plans and how they've improvised in recent weeks.

In our third and final instalment, we've asked athletes about the one positive they can take from this current situation... 

Hi team! It's obviously been a difficult time for people everywhere and there can be a tendency to focus on the positives of lockdown. But has there been 1 specific positive you can take out of the current situation?

Two-time Olympian Eilish McColgan, who has been on a training camp in Arizona during lockdown:

It's allowed me the time to build up my mileage. After breaking my ankle in 2015, I've been very scared and resistant to building back up again.

I've always had the pressure of Major Championships, funding criteria and shoe contracts but the last few months has really given me the chance to build things up without any races on the horizon.

It's given me a lot of confidence to know that my body is strong and can handle a higher volume than I thought. My initial fear of running too much has been reduced down.

Of course, it's a gradual process both physically and mentally but it's definitely been a benefit and something I hope will make a difference longer term.

Pro triathlete Emma Pallant, who won the IRONMAN VR4 Women's Pro Challenge during lockdown:

I think Zwift has been great for my indoor training, because it's been super-fun to meet up with athletes I coach on there, Also, family-wise, we've had a lot more Zoom calls, whereas previously I would spend so much time away from my family that its been 'the norm; not to see and speak to them all together so that has been cool.

British ultra-runner and endurance coach, Robbie Britton:

Ah there’s loads, but I know I’m in a fortunate position to be able to take positives.

Some of my athletes are frontline NHS workers and I’m just really grateful that there are people like them battling this pandemic for us. It certainly made me question whether I have a positive impact on the people around me and the community as a whole. It makes me want to be a better person.

So my own positives, working on my cycling strength, catching up with friends I might have not spoken to for a while, using the food at the back of the cupboard, and improving our baking skills at home too.

Age-group triathlete, Zachary Josie:

My wife gets news from her work, almost daily, announcing pay cuts and other measures.

So, in preparation I was forced to cut back on certain things. One in particular was my subscription to the Purple Patch Squad. This is where my positive comes in.

When I contacted Purple Patch to let them know, they were so kind and accommodating, I ended up qualifying for a “scholarship program” that they were offering.

The positive I have taken is that, like Purple Patch, so many people are doing what they can to help other people. Precision Fuel & Hydration has done it as well with the free content and the online Training Peaks hydration course.

I guess in simple terms, more people just seem genuinely nicer.

UCI World Tour cyclist, Harry Tanfield:

I wouldn't change anything. It's nice to be training from home rather than abroad for a change, and I get to enjoy some British sun as it's not November - which is normally the only month I do spend at home.

It's been nice to spend some good time with the family and do some quality training still.

Daniel Bluff, winner of the 2018 Lakesman triathlon:

It's something I mentioned in part 2 of this series and that's gaining more sleep!

Age-group triathlete, Finlay McAndrew:

The biggest positive I’ve taken from the situation right now is the ability to sleep and rest more.

Our lives are so often an adrenaline ride and this situation has forced us to slow down.

It’s hard being inside so much but it’s also great getting 8 hours of sleep every night and giving the body the recovery time it needs.

It’s well documented how important adequate sleep is and what it does for our mental well-being.

Triathlon age-grouper, Brett Halliwell:

I have realised how easy it is to stay connected to others through the use of technology. I feel it has bought people much closer together and this is something that I hope will continue once lockdown is over.

Thanks team. It's been great to slow down and appreciate some of the little things in life.