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When does it make sense to DNF?

Pro athlete Dougal Allan recounts his own experiences when exploring the debate of whether you should call it a day or carry on when training sessions or races aren't going perfectly.

5 Minute Read

How a pro endurance athlete approaches gut training

Pro athlete and endurance coach Dougal Allan explains how he learned to train his gut so he can consume more carbohydrate on race day.

6 Minute Read

Expert insight: Planning your IRONMAN fueling and hydration strategy

Pro athlete and endurance coach Dougal Allan explains how experience, research and planning have helped him refine his fueling and hydration strategy for IRONMAN racing.

6 Minute Read

How Coast To Coast winner Dougal Allan uses sodium to aid recovery

Pro athlete Dougal Allan - winner of the 2019 and 2021 Coast To Coast Race - explains how a better understanding of his sodium intake has improved his recovery and reduced his problems with cramps...

4 Minute Read
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