The phrase 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' was first coined by our friend and Purple Patch Fitness founder, Matt Dixon. Matt advocates the idea of signing up for a goal that takes us out of our comfort zone each year.

After completing some epic BHAGs in 2021, 2022, 2023, here's what the Precision Fuel & Hydration team are targeting in 2024...


Andy (Co-Founder and Sports Scientist)

BHAG: Charnwood Hills Race

“I missed this race in ‘23 due to catching COVID-19, so I’m keen to re-up and go again for the Charnwood Hills race as I’m targeting the win in the over 40s category. 

“My fingers are crossed for a healthy last four weeks run into the race to actually make the start line. 

“This race has a big nostalgic draw to it, I grew up watching my Dad do as a youngster, and it sets off from/finishes at the high school that I attended many years ago. I will probably also set another target for later in the year!”

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Jonny (Co-Founder)

BHAG: Jurassic Coast Challenge

“There have been murmurings about tackling this challenge in the office for a while, and 2024 is the year.

“Three brutal coastal marathons in three days along the Jurassic Coast, local to PF&H HQ. The plan is to tackle the full distance alongside Dave B and Bradley, but I am hopeful a few other team members might drop in to support for a single day (or two!)…”

Dave ‘Decoy’ Blow (Content Creator)

BHAG: Jurassic Coast Challenge

“I’ve signed up for this team effort to finish the three-day epic challenge. I've never been able to do all three days together so this has to be the year! It's also the most beautiful and brutal coast path.”

Brad (Ambassador Program Manager)

BHAG: Jurassic Coast Challenge

“Because Decoy & JT have convinced me it's a good idea. I also feel this is well out of my comfort zone and something I'm actually excited to get back in shape for and push my limits.”

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James ‘Ricky’ Hatton (Athlete Support)

BHAG: The Oner

“I moved down to the South Coast just over a year ago now and what better way to continue to explore the coastline?” 

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JP (Athlete Support Manager)

BHAG: London Marathon

“I said ‘never again’ after the Paris Marathon… but you never know how many chances you'll get to run a major marathon in your home country. 

“So, here we go... again!”

Raff (Sports Scientist)

BHAG: London Marathon

“Midway through training for Valencia last year I decided to get a spot for London, where I'd aim to go sub-3 for the first time. 

“Well, I completely messed that plan up by running 2:59 in Valencia. Instead, I'll probably try and chip away for a slightly quicker time.”

Minty (Sports Scientist)

BHAG: Edinburgh Marathon and IM 70.3 World Champs

“I really got the marathon bug last year, so my BHAG for 2024 is to give it another go, and nibble the few seconds from my debut to dip under 2:40.

“I also qualified for the IM 70.3 World Champs in New Zealand, where I don't have a specific goal, but I think it's a course which suits me and I could lay down a quick time to be proud of.”

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Rach B (Athlete Support)

BHAG: 5k and 10k PBs

“After concentrating on endurance in 2023, this year is all about short, sharp goals…

“I want to run a sub-20 5km and build up to a sub-40 for the 10km - there, I’ve said it, so I’m going to have to do it now!"

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Ant (Marketing)

BHAG: IRONMAN World Champs (and London Marathon)

“After running 2:30:10 in Manchester I'm going to tick off that sub 2:30 at London, and then it's all eyes on IRONMAN Kona…

“This is a lifelong goal of mine, and I'm aiming to not only be in a great position to race well, but I want to enjoy the whole experience (whilst going sub-9 if the weather Gods look kindly upon me).”

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Ella (Sports Science intern)

BHAG: My first ever triathlon - TBC

“I've always had confidence issues with cycling so getting on a road bike is a big step for me - I think everyone in the office has finally encouraged me to give it a go. 

Hopefully, the road bike that's been sat in my garage for 5 years will finally get ridden!”

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Other sports

Seano (North American Operations Manager)

BHAG: Unbound

“I’ve got unfinished business with this one…!

“Brad and I did this in 2023, and it’s one of the best events I've ever done. Great organisation, lovely people, a great town and beautiful countryside. 

“Unfortunately, I popped a rim about 20km out and then got stuck waiting at a railroad crossing for two very, very, long trains. 

“I still managed 5th in my age group, but with some better luck, I think I can do better. So I’m in the ballot for 2024.”

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Jack (Head of Pro Sport and B2B)

BHAG: Unbound

“I've never owned or even ridden a gravel bike, but Unbound is a race I've wanted to do for a few years, especially after hearing the stories from Brad and Sean from 2023. 

“I'm always up for trying something new, so I’ve dropped my name in for the 100 mile ballot to see if I can get a space.”

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Mel (Athlete Support)

BHAG: Hyrox World Champs

“To compete in my first Hyrox Individual Competition (May) AND to podium at the World Champs in Nice in June in the Mixed Doubles category.”

Lexi (Marketing Manager and Dietitian)

BHAG: Powerlifting meet

“To finally compete in a powerlifting meet! I actually started taking training seriously in 2023 and want to stop putting off a legit competition. I want to PR and get over my fear of failure. 

“I have my eye on the Atlanta Open meet in the summer, but the date & federation keep changing (drama in the PL world 🙄), so TBD on the deadline.”

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