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Fenella Langridge's scorecard

Challenge The Championship

Sunday 22nd May, 2022

Within recommended ranges

Just outside recommended ranges

Significantly outside recommended ranges

  • 84g

    Carb per hour
  • 545mg

    Sodium per hour
  • 384ml

    Fluid per hour
  • 1,418mg/L

    Relative sodium concentration
  • 4.02mg/kg

    Caffeine per bodyweight
  • How Fenella hit those numbers

    1L x PH 1500 (Tablets)
    1 x Bowl of rice with honey and banana
    1 x Mug of black coffee
    1 x Energy gel with caffeine (22g carb, 75mg caffeine)
    *** Tip: For sea swims, put a bottle of water at T1 to rinse your mouth out
    500ml x PH 1500 (Drink Mix)
    1L x PH 1500 (Tablets)
    2 x PF 90 Gel
    1 x Energy gel with caffeine (22g carb, 75mg caffeine)
    1 x PF 90 Gel
    320ml x Plain water
    1 x Energy gel with caffeine (22g carb, 75mg caffeine)

    How Fenella's hydration and fueling went...

      • Considering Fenella raced the IM World Championships just two weeks before, she had a solid day at the Challenge Championships
      • After emerging from the lake swim in 3rd place, Fenella put together an impressive bike ride where she crushed her fuel and hydration plan
      • The multi-terrain half-marathon run saw several athletes struggle to find a rhythm, but Fenella held strong to finish 4th against a stellar field of athletes


      • Fenella preloaded like she usually does with two PH 1500 tablets in ~1L/32oz of water on the morning of the race. This will have ensured her blood plasma volume was optimal, thus reducing the load placed on her cardiovascular system when pumping blood around the body
      • On the bike, Fenella drank two bottles of PH 1500 which both had a PF 90 Gel in, giving her a total fluid intake of ~1.3L/42oz which equated to ~578ml/hr; a quantity in line with what we’ve seen Fenella drink previously
      • Her average relative sodium concentration was ~1,418mg/L across the whole race, which considering her sweat sodium concentration of 1,331mg/L - measured by our Advanced Sweat Test - she will have replaced a large proportion of the sodium she lost in her sweat
      • Fenella didn’t take a lot of fluid on the run, only grabbing water from a few aid stations and averaging ~226ml/hr (~8oz/hr). This number is lower than we saw Fenella drink at the IM World Championships and at IM Mallorca, but the temperatures at both these races were considerably higher than in Samorin, so Fenella sensibly dialled back her fluid intake. We would still recommend she increases her fluid intake on the run slightly, and perhaps include some sodium by taking Electrolyte Capsules as temperatures were approaching ~23℃/73℉ by the time she started the final run leg


    Quick Carb Calculator Recommendation


    carb 30 mins before


    carb per hour during
      • Fenella ate her usual bowl of rice with some honey and banana for breakfast so she started the race with loaded glycogen stores. She also got a decent caffeine hit from a mug of black coffee to help her mentally prepare to race hard
      • To ensure her bloodstream had plenty of carbohydrates circulating before the start, Fenella took a caffeinated energy gel ~20 minutes before the swim start. Fenella also used two caffeinated energy gels (75mg caffeine each) during the race, giving her a total intake of ~225mg of caffeine(4.02mg per kg of bodyweight). This quantity falls within the recommended range of 3-6mg/kg, and is a quantity we have seen her have success with in previous races
      • To fuel the second-fastest female pro bike split, she took on ~221g of carb which is an impressive ~98g/hr. Fenella has spent a long time training her gut to tolerate this high quantity of carbs, and now reaps the performance rewards associated with a greater carb intake
      • On the run, she sensibly put a Bite Valve on the top of her PF 90 Gel before the race, so she could fuel regularly on the run without thinking about opening packets or disposing of litter, helping her to hit ~79g/hr with ease


      • Overall, Fenella raced well on fatigued legs to finish 4th in 4 hours 13 minutes. Her dialled fueling plan was well executed, thus ensuring her energy and hydration levels were sustained throughout the whole race
      • She rated her race satisfaction at 6.5 out of 10, saying she just “didn’t have the bounce in her legs to push the run as hard as she wanted” but “considering I raced IM World Champs two weeks ago, I’m pretty happy”

    Key info

    Fenella Langridge

    Sweat sodium concentration
    Sweat sodium classification
    Very High
    * determined by a PH Advanced Sweat Test


    Overall Time
    Swim Time
    Bike Time
    Run Time

    Event information

    Middle distance
    Challenge The Championship
    Samorin, Slovakia
    22nd May, 2022
    Swim Distance
    1.9km / 1.2mi
    Bike Distance
    90.1km / 56.0mi
    Run Distance
    21.1km / 13.1mi
    Total Distance
    113.1km / 70.3mi

    Race conditions

    Weather Conditions
    No Rain
    Min Temp
    12°C / 54°F
    Max Temp
    23°C / 73°F
    Avg Temp
    18°C / 64°F

    Athlete feedback

    Race Satisfaction
    Hydration rating
    Was a little thirsty on the run
    Energy levels
    Pretty stable energy levels throughout, although I would have liked more energy on the run!
    Toilet stops
    GI comfort
    No cramping

    Fenella's Thoughts

     Solid performance throughout. It was nice to be able to put a race together so soon after World Champs

    Fenella's full stats

     Carbohydrate (g)Sodium (mg)Fluid (ml)Caffeine (mg)Relative sodium concentration (mg/L)
    Total intake3552,2971,6202251,418
    Per hour8454538453
    Bike and Run
    Total intake3332,2811,6201501,408
    Per hour9162244241
    Total intake2212,2661,300751,743
    Per hour981,00757833
    Total intake112163207549
    Per hour791122653

    Data Confidence







    There is an adequate level of accuracy in the data collected and the numbers reported. The athlete manages to recall what they ate and drank including most specifics (brands flavours quantities plausible estimations of volumes). However there are estimations made within the data which affect the overall confidence level in the data reported.

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