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Andy Blow and Mark Webber

On-nomi with Andy and former F1 star Mark Webber

Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow is joined for a virtual drink (or an 'on-nomi' as the Japanese call it) by former Formula...

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Detraining - will I lose fitness by not training during lockdown?

Interestingly, the science behind detraining (or ‘reversibility’ of fitness as it's sometimes known) through a decrease in training volume or a complete halt...

PH-ocus station collage

Balancing training with working from home and kids

Many people will be spending more hours at home than usual and this increased indoor time creates many challenges, but also opportunities. There's a chance to...

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PH recommends: podcasts, shows and audiobooks for indoor training

Training indoors brings a unique sets of challenges. You're staring at the same four walls, wondering why your partner hasn't washed their cup that's...

Jules Widdowson's trainers

Preparing physically and mentally for a multi-day endurance event

Jules Widdowson is familiar with epic physical challenges. The 2019 season saw the lawyer-turned-personal trainer win her Age Group at the Outlaw...

Chris Hauth running

How to fit an ultra-endurance training plan in with your daily life

Finding the time to integrate training for an ultra-endurance event into your daily life can be difficult for many athletes as they struggle...

Arnaud Selukov Ultraman celebration

How this Ultraman fuels his multi-day endurance races

Ultraman racing isn't a triathlon in the normal sense of the sport as it puts an unusual spin on the competition of...

Allan Hovda, Andy Blow and Jonny Tye

Off season training plan: Three-time Norseman winner Allan Hovda

As part of our off season training series, we're looking into the training plans of elite athletes with PH in their bottles....

Sarah Barrett

IRONGRAN - An unconventional journey to six-time ITU World Champion

Sarah Barrett's route to becoming a six-time ITU Age Group World Champion hasn't exactly been conventional - she didn't start running until...

Man running on side of road

Tips for running every day

If you're thinking of running every day as part of the RED January Challenge, which is encouraging people to be active every...

Claire Cashmore

Off season training plan: 4-time Paralympian Claire Cashmore

With the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo on the horizon, we spoke to the current ITU World and British champion Claire Cashmore to see how...

Atlantic Coast Cliff by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels

The importance of 'mind over matter' for long distance racing

The Votwo Atlantic Coast Challenge usually involves running/walking/stumbling your way through three marathons in three days on the undulating coastline of Cornwall...

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