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Why do athletes use caffeine?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman has explained why the source, amount and when you use caffeine during training and races matters...

12 Minute Read

Can youth athletes use Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes?

We're often asked "can my child use Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes?". The simple answer is "yes" but context is key when deciding whether to use a hydration strategy and electrolytes...

10 Minute Read

Should you use painkillers to exercise through the pain-barrier?

Some athletes may use painkillers to mask injuries so that they can continue to perform, so Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers and recommendations for NSAID use in sport...

8 Minute Read

What happens when you drink too much before a race?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores pre-race hyponatremia and the dangers associated with athletes drinking too much before a race.

8 Minute Read

Is non-alcoholic beer an effective recovery drink for athletes?

There's a growing trend for athletes to turn to non-alcoholic beer rather than the 'real' thing after training sessions and races, but is alcohol-free beer an effective recovery drink?

7 Minute Read

24 Hour Fuelling: Nutrition lessons from a record-breaking challenge

We spoke to triathlete Allan Hovda to find out how he fuelled a record-breaking ride that saw him cover 885km in 24 hours.

5 Minute Read

How long does it take to die from dehydration?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman delves into survival stories and the scientific evidence to answer the question - how long does it take to die from dehydration?

13 Minute Read

How strong electrolyte drinks can help POTS sufferers

Hydration is extremely important for people who suffer from POTS and we explain why a strong electrolyte drink can help ease the dehydrating symptoms associated with POTS.

6 Minute Read

The 3 R's of Recovery: How to optimise your post-exercise nutrition

The 3 R's of Recovery involve refuelling, rebuilding and rehydrating. Abby Coleman details how you can optimise your post-exercise carbohydrate and protein intake to improve your recovery.

9 Minute Read

Which recovery tools are worth your time and money?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman analyses a variety of recovery tools and gives us the lowdown on which ones we should consider using for post-exercise recovery.

8 Minute Read

4 ways NOT to fail when stepping up to ultra-endurance distances

Precision Hydration spoke to ultra-endurance author, coach and podcast host Jason Koop to find out how not to fail when stepping up to ultra distances.

4 Minute Read

Does sunscreen affect how much you sweat?

The health benefits of wearing sunscreen have been well founded but can it affect the way you sweat when exercising? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the research.

5 Minute Read
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