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Why do my legs hurt so much after some workouts?

How do you know if your post-training/race muscle pain is DOMS or something more serious? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers of rhabdomyolysis for athletes...

11 Minute Read

How to maintain your performance in extreme heat

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers of exercising in extreme heat and explains how you can mitigate the effects in order to maintain performance.

16 Minute Read

Do vitamin D supplements boost performance?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the growing trend of athletes using vitamin D supplements and investigates their effects on performance.

12 Minute Read

Can PH 1500 cure a hangover?

Many athletes comment on the hangover-relieving qualities of a PH 1500 electrolyte supplement and Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains how a PH 1500 might help ease hangover symptoms.

6 Minute Read

Does consuming more salt mean you'll have saltier sweat?

Precision Hydration's resident Sports Scientist, Abby Coleman, answers the question of whether increasing your salt intake will affect your sweat sodium concentration by looking at the research.

8 Minute Read

How this pro triathlete is using sweat rate data to improve his performance

Pro triathlete and three-time Norseman Xtreme Triathlon winner, Allan Hovda, explains how he's been measuring his sweat rate to improve his hydration strategy.

5 Minute Read

Lockdown training part 3: Finding the positives

In the final blog of our 'lockdown training' series, Precision Fuel & Hydration ambassadors reveal the positive experiences they've been able to take from lockdown.

4 Minute Read

How does exercise help to reduce our anxiety?

How does exercise help to alleviate our stress? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains how & which types of exercise are best for us when we're feeling anxious.

5 Minute Read

Lockdown training part 2: How to improvise and improve

Precision Fuel & Hydration have spoken to some of our top athletes to hear how they've improvised their training during lockdown...

5 Minute Read

Why do your eating habits change during times of stress?

Why can periods of life stress result in poorer eating habits and increased caffeine consumption? Sports Scientist, Abby Coleman, explores the relationship between stress and food.

8 Minute Read

Cystic Fibrosis and 'Salty Sweaters'

Sweat sodium concentration can vary greatly between individuals and those with cystic fibrosis have particularly salty sweat. Abby Coleman explains what CF is and how it impacts hydration.

9 Minute Read

The endurance athlete with Cystic Fibrosis who's inspiring others during lockdown

Sophie Grace Holmes was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease Cystic Fibrosis but that hasn't stopped her completing some epic ultra-endurance challenges.

7 Minute Read
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