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Race day nutrition: What do pro athletes eat?

Pro athletes discuss their nutrition plan for race day and give us an insight into the pre-race food mistakes they've made during their careers.

8 Minute Read

How to start a long swim well hydrated

Starting hydrated is key to performing at your best during longer swims. You'll be sweating during the swim and with limited opportunites to drink, it's important to start fully topped up.

10 Minute Read

Eat, sleep, and prepare for race day like a pro

The build-up to race day can be a nerve-wracking experience for any athlete, so the athletes at Precision Hydration have given their best tips on how they prepare for a big race.

6 Minute Read

3 Ways To Cope With Pre-Race Nerves

Pre-race jitters will have affected most athletes at one stage or another, and this reaction can be attributed to the ‘fight or flight’ response. Here are a few potential coping strategies...

7 Minute Read
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