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By Sean O'Mahony | 1 Minute Read

Here at Precision Hydration we have a distributed work team. People working in London, on the South Coast and in Vancouver, BC. We use a variety of online tools to keep our team unified. For day-to-day work interactions we use #slack (which we highly recommend...)

Like yourselves, we're all active athletes as well. In fact, the only reason that Precision Hydration exists is that we couldn't find this product and decided to make something ourselves.

Part of our company culture is that we can train for our sports during the day. As with any start-up, we could work 24 hours a day, but we know we'll be much more productive if we also take care of our bodies. Living in different places, we like to support each other and see what we're up to — we're also just a little bit competitive!

For that we use Strava.

If you are an endurance athlete of any sort (and unless you've been living in a cave for the past few years!), you'll have heard of Strava. Some people are addicted to it and love it. Conversely, some people hate it.

As for ourselves, we're right in the middle. It's a fun tool to see what your friends, colleagues and, hopefully, customers are doing.

We have a Precision Hydration Club over on Strava. There are only a few of us on there at the moment, but we'd love it if you'd join us. We're inspired by some of the goals of our customers, and we would love to follow your training — and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

We'll also offer some competitions, giveaways and discounts to our Strava group members from time to time.

Join us here:

We also use the following tags to highlight what we've got in our bottles. No need to do it every session but every now and again let us know what you're using...

#iUse250, #iUse500, #iUse1000, #iUse1500 

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