Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Custard, chips, and hummus sandwiches: how to fuel ultramarathons

"Lessons from the field" - record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall calls on his wealth of experience to explain what he's learned about fuelling ultramarathons...


How runners can reduce the risk of bone stress injuries

APA titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist Brad Beer explains how runners and triathletes can minimise the risks of suffering a bone stress injury during training.


Why hydration matters in motorsport

We caught up with former Australian Supercars Championship winner James Courtney to talk about hydration and the brutal temperatures he experiences during races...


How to diagnose and treat plantar fasciitis

Sports Physiologist Ben Cox explains how to diagnose and treat plantar fasciitis - a foot injury that can plague runners and ultra endurance athletes.


How to prepare for your first Zwift race

Record-breaking ultrarunner and adventurer Robbie Britton shares what he's learned from Zwift racing to help you prepare for your races on the indoor training platform.


Will TrainerRoad make you faster?

PH's Sean O'Mahony gives his verdict on the TrainerRoad platform and explains why it could be the perfect training tool to help you achieve your goals this year...


Should you use carbs or fat to fuel endurance exercise?

Should you be fuelling with carbs or following a low carb, high fat diet? Andy Blow looks at what the current evidence suggests is best practice for athletes.


Preparing for an ultra run: Recces, nutrition and hydration

Fresh from setting the second fastest time ever for the Denis Rankin Winter Round, ultrarunner John Miskimmin tells us how he prepared for a 90km challenge that features 6,500m of elevation.


Pro training plan: India Lee on adapting to long distance racing

Professional triathlete India Lee shares her weekly training plan and tells us which areas she's working on following her move up to IM 70.3 racing...


How should athletes use caffeine during training and racing?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman has explained why the source, amount and when you use caffeine during training and races matters...


When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession

Professional triathlete Scott Bayvel tells us how his approach to a low-carb, high-fat diet became unhealthy and led to an obsessive eating disorder called orthorexia...


Are you fuelling adequately to maintain health and performance?

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport hit the headlines following Mary Cain's revelations about her time with the Nike Oregon Project. Sports Scientist Inez Griffin explains how to avoid RED-S...