Hydration, Fueling and Performance Advice for Athletes


Should you ditch your power meter during training and races?

Dr Bryce Dyer explains how to make sure you're using a smart meter effectively during training and races...

7 Minute Read

5 key steps to get out of your injury-rehab cycle

Strength for Endurance's Kriss Hendy identifies five ways that endurance athletes can get out of a frustrating injury-rehab cycle...

5 Minute Read

How resistance training makes you a faster runner

STOIC Conditioning's Head Coach and Director, Alex Butt, explains how runners can benefit from adding resistance training to their weekly program...

7 Minute Read

What is the optimal temperature for peak athletic performance?

Dr Bryce Dyer explores the optimal conditions that can help swimmers, cyclists and runners produce their best...

7 Minute Read

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Should you be training in a fasted state?

Is 'fasted training' another fad or does it offer genuine performance benefits? Sports Scientist Andy Blow investigates...

8 Minute Read

Sub7 / Sub8 Project: What will it take to become the fastest ever long-distance triathlete?

We take a look at what the triathletes taking part in the Sub7 / Sub8 Project will need to do to beat the existing IRONMAN record times...

8 Minute Read

How to develop new habits to overcome loss of motivation

Endurance coach Tom Walker explores some of the 1% changes you can make to help rediscover motivation for training when you're going through a rough patch.

4 Minute Read

Preparing the mind and body for 5 World Record attempts in 4 weeks (while carrying 40lbs)

Jake Best is bidding to set five world records in the space of a month when running in full UK military gear, whilst carrying 40lbs on his back...

5 Minute Read

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Our Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2022

Each year we all choose a 'Big Hairy Audacious Goal' to take us firmly out of our comfort zone and push us to the next level in our training.

32 Minute Read

How the Ultraman UK champion battled sleep deprivation to cycle 1,560km in 60 hours

Ultraman UK champion Alvaro de la Camara Martin prepared his body and mind for sleep deprivation during nearly 60 hours in the saddle.

5 Minute Read

Fuelling and hydration advice for Castle Race Series Triathlons

Fuelling is often referred to as the “4th discipline” of triathlon because getting it right is crucial if you want to perform at your best. Here's some advice to help you nail your plan on race day.

31 Minute Read

Fuelling and hydration advice for Castle Race Series Duathlons

Getting your fuelling and hydration strategy right on race day is crucial if you want to perform at your best during a duathlon. Here's some advice to help you nail your plan...

27 Minute Read

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