Andy reviews Sundried's "ethical activewear"

Training gear made from recycled coffee grounds?! The first I heard of that was when I met the folks at Sundried and, well, you know how I love my coffee (and new training kit!), so I was stoked to get the chance to try out some of their products.

Sundried are a British company who describe themselves as “more than just an activewear brand, creating premium, ethical activewear inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and leading athletes.”

They make a range of extremely understated but stylish activewear and tri/bike specific clothing from materials including standard things like merino wool and less-than-normal stuff like recycled coffee grounds. I tried out their Grand Casse Hoody (Merino Wool) and Olperer T-shirt (Recycled coffee grounds) both of which seem to take their names from mountains in the Alps.


Sundried ethical activewear

In terms of fit and style, both pieces of kit feel very ‘premium’ to the touch and the merino hoody in particular seems remarkably good value at £80 RRP (when compared with the triple digit pricing of most similar products from some of the bigger brand names in this space like IceBreaker for example).

The Grand Casse is also definitely one of those bits of kit that's sufficiently smart to double up as casual wear, as well being functional enough to wear when training too. I first used it warming up for a Park Run 5km in cool conditions before putting it on post race and continuing to wear it for the rest of the day, without it feeling like I was still in my tracksuit!


Sundried hoody


It lacks pockets which could be seen as a downside, however with most running shorts coming equipped with stash pockets for a phone or key these days, I didn’t generally find this to be an issue in practice.

The Olperer t-shirt feels like a cross between a dry-fit synthetic material and a merino t-shirt and it's very comfortable for running/gym work. When you sweat as much as I do, finding kit that truly ‘wicks’ away sweat is something of an impossible task, but it certainly felt as up to the task as anything else I’ve tried and didn’t seem to have that instant post-run sweat stink that the 100% synthetic materials seem to leave me with!


Sundried Olperer t-shirt


Having only been testing both bits of kit for a short amount of time they’ve not been through too many cycles in the washing machine yet, so commenting on durability at this stage is hard. That said, the early signs are good - they’ve not shrunk or stretched noticeably in the first few washes and only time will tell on that score.

Overall I can say that, in the short period of time I’ve had it that the Grand Casse Hoody, it's already become a go to piece of kit in my day to day wardrobe (both for light training and for casual wear) and if the quality of the rest of the range is similar, I’d certainly be looking seriously at things like the Sundried Tri-suit in the future. But, for now, something that works for a bit of light running and a lot of sitting around working and drinking coffee works well for my current situation...

Hit up to get your hands on some ethically made kit and use the code PRECISION you can get a whopping 50% off you first order!

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