Countdown to Kona: How pros prepare for Kona with Dimity-Lee Duke.

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Dimity-Lee Duke is a professional triathlete, one of the 35 female athletes to race at the Ironman World Championships in Kona last year and she’ll be doing it all over again in a few weeks. We introduced her to the PH community in a previous blog. And now we've interviewed her again as part of our Countdown to Kona 2016 series...


So, Dimity, how did you qualify this year?

Qualifying for the Ironman World Championships is based on a points system for professional athletes. The points start from July every year, so it was a matter of getting consistently good results in order to qualify.  I've slowly accumulated enough points over the season rather than securing a spot in any one race.


First Timer or Kona Veteran?

This will be my 3rd time heading to Kona. Once as an age-grouper, this'll be my second time as a pro.


Podium or Just for Fun?

I'm always aiming for the podium!

What are you looking forward to most?

I always look forward to seeing personal improvements in my race after a hard block of training in the lead up to it. Also, to race on the world stage against the best in the world is an amazing challenge!


Dimity Lee Duke
Image: Dimity-Lee Duke Instagram ©

Are you (will you be) doing any heat acclimation training?

As I'm based in Phuket, Thailand for the majority of the year, I am very much accustomed to the heat. Last year I actually found it colder in Hawaii than Phuket! Hopefully that'll play in my favour...

How else are you adapting your training in these final weeks before the race? 

For the final few weeks of build up to the race I will keep up the volume but increase the intensity to more race-specific sessions. I will also spend a good amount of time making sure I have my nutrition and hydration strategy dialled in!

How will you be managing your taper?

For a major race I usually start tapering about 2 weeks out. I leave it up to my coach, Juergen Zack from Z-Coaching to hammer out the finer details as I trust him.

What’s your Kona hydration strategy? What do you do differently to hydrate in hot climates?

With the help of Precision Hydration and some trial and error, I have a solid plan to tackle my hydration when racing in the heat.

I make sure I get an adequate amount of sodium in when replacing the amount of fluid I lose in my sweat. My consumption of fluid is a lot higher than during cooler races, as the majority of my caloric intake is fluid based.

How will you fuel up before and during the race?

My diet does not change a lot day in, day out to be honest. I eat a well balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, good fats, nuts/seeds and proteins.

In the lead up to the race, I will just increase my carbohydrate intake slightly. I really make sure that my hydration and sodium stores are fully loaded.

Do you have any pre race superstitions that you’ll be maintaining on the Big Island?

I always make a quick stop out on the lava fields to thank The Island for the opportunity and spend some time looking forward to racing and embracing the conditions...

Nice. Thanks Dim, we'll be routing for you on the 8th...


Dimity also happens to offer our Advanced Sweat Test out of her base in Phuket, Thailand and on regular trips over to Singapore. If you'd like a Sweat Test out there, Dim's your lady, please get in touch

Follow Dimity, aka 'The Duke', on Twitter to find out how she get's on in Kona.


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