Brad chews the fat with pro triathlete Dimity-Lee Duke ahead of IM Texas

By Brad Williams | 3 Minute Read
Aussie  pro triathlete Dimity-Lee Duke has been working with PH for years now. Her recent results include coming  3rd at IM Western Australia, a solid 4th place finish at IRONMAN 70.3 Davao Philippines and another podium (3rd) at Challenge Thailand Kanchanaburi.

Her next race is this weekend at IRONMAN Texas and Brad caught up with her to discuss the race and her prep for the event...

So Dimity, you're returning to IMTX this year. With it being a Regional Championship it has 2 slots guaranteed for Kona, with the possibility of a third and even a fourth based on the "rolling slots". Did this play into your decision to come back this year? 

My major goal for 2019 is to go to Kona as I feel I'm still competitive on the world stage and still haven't really shown my true talents on that specific race course. More slots available does give you better odds, but that was not the only factor in my decision to enter this race.

2018 was the first time I had come to Texas and I really liked the local vibe and atmosphere. The locals were very accommodating and friendly and that support alone for me was one of the reasons why I returned. Travelling on my own to races is somewhat difficult, so having a stress free environment makes things a lot easier.

Is Kona the be all, end all for you as an athlete, or do you look at other races on the calendar at that time of year as great opportunities? 

Somewhat yes and somewhat no. I think sponsors sometimes really only look at this result, which is a shame. That  makes it difficult for someone like me who is an "all round, consistent" athlete, with multiple accolades and attributes  to make a good living out of this sport alone.

I know the sponsors I currently have (like PH!) have remained loyal to me because of my attributes outside of the result, but the onus placed on Kona can be frustrating at times. 

Dimity Lee Duke

We know that last year IMTX was notorious for allegations of drafting, especially in the Women's Pro Field. You were pretty outspoken about this, do you know if any changes have been made to make 2019 different? 

IMTX 2018 was one of those races where I lived and I learned. One would hope that the IRONMAN team can rectify the major issue that occurred on the bike course last year.

But, I do feel that it's also up to the athlete to play fair with honesty and integrity, regardless of whether there are Marshalls right on hand. Understanding the rules and putting both pros and age groupers on the same page may make things easier, but this topic is already been highly discussed!

It can really heat up in Texas, have you done anything specific for heat acclimation for this race? Do you think living in Phuket gives you a massive advantage racing here? 

By the time I race IMTX I would have been in The Woodlands for 2 weeks and so far, the weather is not too bad. Training in Phuket for majority of the year definitely makes it easier to race in warmer conditions! I haven't really done anything specific otherwise. 

What does your IM race nutrition plan look like? 

My nutrition plan is pretty simple, I don't really over complicate things. I really just make sure that my calories/electrolytes and fluid volume is somewhat separated so I can keep a better feel for things and adjust on the fly.

I don't really consume anything specific other than trying to eat some solid food in the first few hours of the bike. 

Dimity Lee Duke on podium

Our readers may not know this, but you're also one of our Advanced Sweat Test Centers, mainly based out of Phuket but typically traveling to races to test athletes.

What would you say has been the most rewarding aspect of testing and helping athletes nail their hydration? 

Over the last few years I have tested more than 120 athletes from all walks of life, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region. It has been great to see so many athletes improve their training and achieve their race goals through personalising their hydration plan! 

If triathlon wasn't a sport, what do you think you would do as your profession? 

I have always wanted to be a professional athlete ever since I was a kid, so I guess if triathlon wasn't a sport I would be either still playing basketball or offroad motorcycle racing (namely enduro and moto cross).

If I couldn't do sport I would continue working in the medical field, namely prehospital emergency care. 

Dimity Lee Duke on bike

What's your favourite place in the world to train? 

I really enjoy training in my hometown area, in the South West of Western Australia, as I have multiple options to swim/bike and run at ease. But otherwise, I would have to say I enjoy training in Phuket, Thailand as well as in Koblenz in Germany.

What's the top race in the world? 

Course wise, you cant beat my hometown race of Busselton in Western Australia, but as far as spectators and the 'whole package' it would have to be in Cebu in the Philippines

Thanks Dim! We hope that your final prep for the race is hassle free and you smash it come Saturday!

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