James reviews the FoodCell® Aerodynamic Food Carrier

By James Phillips | 2 Minute Read

We’ve known Mark Tallon for a couple of years now, he's well-regarded in the world of sports nutrition and we’ve often bounced around thoughts on hydration strategy.

More recently, Mark’s used his own experiences as an athlete - and a solid one at that, racing up multiple Ironman finishes - to bring a new ‘top-tube/bento box’ product to market. 

When it comes to over-populated realm of cycling accessories, it’s hard to figure out what could be of genuine use and what’s going to end up on that ever growing pile of stuff in the garage that’s been used once and that caused more problems than it fixed.

This is what Mark noticed with all the top-tube storage boxes he’d used. He often couldn’t get enough in them to last anywhere near the durations he was riding for, or he'd lose half of his stash before he's had chance to use it and would have to wrestle the other half of of the contraption. This is where the idea for FoodCell® was born.

The aim was to provide a nutrition storage box for the top-tube of your bike that’s both aerodynamic (Mark know’s what all you aero-geeks out there are like...) and practical.

If you’re planning to race long distance triathlon/cycling events, it’s inevitable that you’re going to need to get some fuel at some point. And, if you want to be self-sufficient during these rides, you’ll soon realise that the calories you need actually take up a lot of room!

That’s where the FoodCell® comes in.

It’s significantly bigger than any other nutrition storage box I’ve used, comfortably holds more bars/gels/marmite sandwiches/jelly babies than I've seen from other solutions.

Also, when you’re digging around for those precious calories, unlike a ‘soft’ box, or ‘flappy’ roofed box, it’s solid plastic build makes things so much easier. This, combined with the ability to properly close the lid - and know your nutrition is safely stored no matter what potholes you hit - leaves you with just one less thing to worry about. 

It’s worth mentioning how useful I found it was to be able to remove the box from the frame bracket and wash it out post-ride. This was a lot easier than trying to stick a baby wipe in there and clear away the gel remnants clinging to the corners!

I’ve been using the FoodCell® for the last month or so and have found it does exactly what it says it will, and it does it well. I'd recommend it if you're in the market for a better way to carry your calories (and PH!) on your bike.

P.S. I also wanted to send some healing thoughts Mark's way, unfortunately he took a tumble off his bike a few weeks back and is pretty beat up. He was only two weeks out from his goal IM race this year and all the athletes out there will know how much that sucks after putting in all the work. Hope you're back on the bike soon Mark!

James Phillips - Sports Scientist and Customer Service Manager

James Phillips

Sports Scientist and Customer Service Manager

James Phillips is a Sports Scientist with a BSc Honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Exeter. Formerly an elite age group triathlete, James continues to compete in swimrun and ultra running events.

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