Gear review: EVOSSI Discover Gilet

By Andy Blow | 2 Minute Read

EVOSSI are a UK based activewear start up founded by Ed Flood. We met Ed at London Triathlon Show earlier this year when I liked the look of the gilet on his stand and got chatting to him. One of the things I love about those shows is you get to meet passionate small business owners going through some of the same challenges you are, as well as discover up and coming brands before most people have heard of them.

Ed sent us one of their Discover gilets to use in my training for OtillO Scilly Isles over the past few months and in short, I have to say it’s proven to be a lovely bit of kit. So I thought I’d do a quick review of it for you.


EVOSSI Discover Gilet has a handy rear pocket


As someone who primarily runs and swims, but occasionally cycles and kayaks for training, having kit that's truly multi-purpose is crucial, especially when I’m on the road and don’t want to carry lots of gear around with me.

I always have a gilet in my bag as they’re very versatile - effectively turning a long or short sleeved t-shirt into a much warmer garment when you need a bit more protection - but at the same time they’re nowhere near as bulky, claustrophobic or restrictive as a full spec jacket.

The Discover top is made from a mesh lined waterproof but breathable technical fabric that feels quite soft and ‘brushed’ as opposed to being too plasticky. This means it offers really good weather protection if you do get caught out, but it doesn’t feel excessively 'sweaty' (some feat given my sweat rate / sweat sodium concentration...).


EVOSSI Discover Gilet has routing for phone/iPod cables


It’s got a neat chest pocket for a phone/iPod with routing for headphones (to stop the wires flapping around) and a small credit card one on the tail, as well as a larger pocket on the right hip that you can stuff a hat/gloves/sunglasses or whatever else into if needs be.

The zipper is offset so that it doesn’t irritate your chin when you’re running and the reflective detailing helps if you’re training on the roads at night and you're not that keen on being run over.

The styling of the jacket is pretty subtle and ‘smart’ - as training kit goes - and it’s testament to how useful it’s been in the last couple of months in the temperamental UK Spring weather that I’ve probably worn it at least 3 times a week on average. It’s holding up well in terms of any visible wear and tear and the manufacturing quality feels good too. At just £63 the gilet is very good value considering the spec you get for that money.

If I had to be drawn on any small issues it would be fair to say the pockets are not all that good for use when cycling (although to be 100% fair it’s designed as a running jacket) and size wise I’d say it comes up on the small side. I am 176cm (5ft 9in) tall and about 70kg (11 stone) and have been using a large, where normally I’d be a medium with most of the big brand training kit.

EVOSSI Discover Gilet - a review by Precision Hydration 

In all though the Evossi gets a big thumbs up and looks like it will continue to be a staple bit of kit well into the early Summer as we all know what the British weather can be like even at a time of year when things are supposed to be getting that little bit hotter...

Ed's hooked Team PH up with a discount code if you're interested. (I know DC has already bought one for his tour of Holland/Belgium in July!). Just use the code PH15 at the EVOSSI checkout for - you guessed it - 15% off!

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