How Mark Macqueen became the reigning European, Commonwealth and IPF World Powerlifting Champion
Because the majority of athletes with PH in their bottles are endurance athletes, we probably don't talk as much as we should about the work we do to personalise the hydration strategies of athletes in other sports.

For instance, a decent number of NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Premier League teams are clients of ours. We also have a fair few top superbike riders and rally and Formula One drivers drinking our drinks. Another area we've always been involved in is combat and strength sports. One of our strength athletes is Mark Macqueen and he's had quite the year...

So, Mark, you've been amongst the medals again this year, can you talk us through your achievements?

Sure thing. Well, I'm a 3 x Scottish Powerlifting Champion, 2 x British Powerlifting Champion and I'm now the reigning (2017) European, Commonwealth and IPF World Powerlifting Champion. I also hold several British and European powerlifting records.

Sounds like you might need a bigger trophy cabinet soon then! Ok, so how did you get into powerlifting? Did you do other sports earlier on in life?

I did a lot of boxing and football when I was younger. When I was 16 I was playing football and suffered a bad injury, tearing my anterior cruciate ligament. I wasn’t able to play football for several months and during this period I went to the gym to lift weights, just to stay active really.

But I fell totally in love with lifting. I started following a couple of the top powerlifters online and decided I wanted to enter a competition. The rest is history...

Mark macqueen powerlifting world champion


That's a great example of how to turn adversity into something positive. Right then, so why did you start using Precision Hydration in the first place? Did you have hydration issues?

Well, powerlifting is a weight class sport. I compete in the 120kg class and I have to 'water cut' around 2-3kgs to make my weight. But, after weigh-ins you only have a couple of hours before competing to re-hydrate. So, your electrolyte supplements help with this process by helping me absorb and retain more of the fluids I'm taking back in. That makes things much more efficient for me.

Without a doubt, using your stronger electrolyte drinks has transformed my re-hydration process and I couldn’t be happier with it.

People don't often associate strength sports with hydration, but good hydration practices are crucial to success in every sport on the planet. Your body will always perform better when properly hydrated and it's vital for performance for multiple reasons, both mental and physical.

So true. Most of our endurance athletes will do some strength and conditioning training, so they'll be keen to hear what a typical training week look like for you...

Ok, here's a breakdown of a standard week for me...

Monday morning: Squats, bench press and reverse hyper
Monday night: OHP, upper back and shoulder accessory

Wednesday morning: Deadlifts
Wednesday night: Bench press and upper body accessory work

Friday: Squats, bench press and deadlift
Saturday: Front squat and full body accessory work

There's a huge amount to get through, the sets and reps vary on a weekly basis but the further away from a competition I am, the higher the sets and reps will generally be. And then as we get closer to a competition they'll come down to prepare me to lift a max one rep attempt on squat, bench and deadlift.


Mark macqueen powerlifter hydration weight management strategy

Go on then, put us to shame, what can you bench press and dead lift?

I can squat 330kg/727lbs, bench press (paused on chest-2 count in competition) 193kg/425lbs and deadlift 332.5kg/733lbs. 

You can watch Mark in action here...


Blimey! Which leads me to this question, what exactly do you eat in a typical day?

I don’t actually eat as much as many people my size do (I walk at around 124kgs) or as much as you might expect! My metabolism is just naturally on the slower side. Still, I aim to take in around 3,750 calories per day.

A video of you training went viral recently, what happened?!

One of my training partners brought in a funny bum-less singlet to show us as a joke, and I thought it would be funny to workout in it. We uploaded the video and before you know it Lad Bible and some other massive social media pages had shared it! It had well over 60 million worldwide views last time I looked. It just went totally viral overnight. Crazy.

I'll post a link as I'm sure our readers will be keen to see it...Ok, finally, what's next for you and what are your longer term goals in the sport?

My goal is to be one of the best powerlifters to ever live and to become as strong as I physically can. I'll continue to push the boundaries of what we are capable of in strength sports for as long as I can...

Well, you're on the right track Mark! Thanks for chewing the fat with me.

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