How to love corned beef hash and still win multi-stage road races...

In the latest in our series of interviews with amateur athletes that use Precision Hydration to stay hydrated when it matters to them, we talked to Nigel Kinney of Langlois Brown Racing Team, a team mate of our own Sean O'Mahony, about his recent results and his goals for the rest of the year...

Nigel Kinney of Langlois Brown Racing

Tell us a little bit about yourself Nigel…

Well, I’m a doctoral candidate in Political Science, specifically Environmental Policy, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. My goal is to work on environmental policies to combat climate change.

I’m also a bicycle mechanic on the side, which puts food of my plate and a nice bike under my legs! I spend most of my time on the bike dreaming of new destinations for my next trip…

So cycling’s your main sport?

Yes, road cycling. My late teenage years were spent doing biathlon (cross country skiing and rifle shooting) and I didn't start racing bikes until I was about 24. It turns out that I make a better cyclist! I was a fairly consistent biathlete but the sport doesn't reward consistency like cycling does.

Road racing has become an obsession of mine because it rewards mental strength as much as it does physical strength. I love the fact that the strongest rider often isn't the one who wins the race. I race for Langlois Brown Racing out of Vancouver.


Nigel Kinney podium Tour de Bloom

That's Nigel on the podium at the Tour de Bloom...

What were your best performances recently?

In 2015 I was the general classification winner in both the Pro 1/2 Tour of Walla Walla and Tour de Bloom, which are both 3 day races in Washington State in the US. More recently, in May I came third in the Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race, finishing just 3 seconds off the lead!

The past two weeks I've been racing in Quebec at the UCI 2.2 races Grand Prix Cycliste de Saguenay and the Tour de Beauce as a guest rider with the Quebec-based Transport Lacombe race team. It's been a real eye-opener racing at this level, especially in rain, sleet and even snow... IN JUNE!

Nice, so what are you goals for 2016?

A few of my bigger races for the year are already behind me but my next big race is the Tour de White Rock road race which takes place during the famous British Colombia Superweek, which is one of the biggest and richest bike race weeks in North America for Continental-level teams.

What do you love to eat?

I’m a big fan of corned beef hash, lamb burger with yam fries and a good gluten-free pizza (but that is a rare find). It's a good thing I train big hours or I'd have a much thicker waist line…


Team Langlois Brown Racing 

Who inspires you?

Peter Sagan, but not because he's world champ or even for his personality, but rather due to his consistency. In my view, he is the most consistent rider in the pro-tour, which is the hardest feat imaginable. 

How do you stay hydrated?

My sodium loss rate is 1105 mg/l, so higher than average. I preload with either Precision Hydration 1000 or the 1500s and then use the 500s or 1000s in my bottle, depending on the distance and temperature.

Thanks Nigel, best of luck in White Rock...

You can follow Nigel and the rest of the Langlois Brown Racing team on Twitter and Instagram.

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