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By James Phillips | 2 Minute Read

Back when KitBrix was first introduced back in 2015 I was fortunate enough to get invited along to the launch event in Poole and be one of the first people to pick up the original yellow KitBrix sports bag. 

It was a really nice bit of kit but for some reason over the last few years I've still ended up using a variety of bags to lug my training kit around the world and never really settled on one.

More recently, as my work and travel commitments have increased it’s become vital to be more organised so that I can fit training in efficiently around a busy working life and, to be honest, I’ve found myself falling at some basic hurdles.

Although my technique of having a stash of swim/bike/run kit in a pile in the boot of my car has done the trick more often than not, there’s definitely been more than one occasion when I’ve attempted to head out for a quick lunchtime run and found myself running in a pair of cycling shorts - which isn’t a great look for anyone!


KitBrix ballistic black bag


So, when we bumped back into the recently relaunched KitBrix at the Training Peaks Endurance Summit late last year I was really interested in seeing what their new bags were like and they kindly offered to send me one in 'Ballistic Black' (it's also available in a few other colours , which is available for £59 ($78).

I pleasantly surprised by how aesthetically pleasing the bag was (and it’s just a happy coincidence that the lime green stripe almost perfectly matches our PH green)! And the ability to personalise the ‘icons’ remains a really nice touch if you're into that kind of thing.


Kitbrix personalisation


One thing that hasn’t changed with the relaunch is the quality of the KitBrix; unwrapping it is a similar experience to opening a new piece of premium cycling kit.

As soon as you get your hands on the bag you know it’s going to go the distance, the robust material gives a rugged 'military standard' feel that’s both protective and easy to clean - I recently took the KitBrix along to a Maverick Race trail running event where it got covered in mud. Once home I simple wiped it down with a baby wipe and it was as good as new.


Kitbrix bag bottom

The bag almost perfectly fits a set of run shoes, a pair of shorts/tights, a top and the electrolytes that match how you sweat (of course!) without leaving too much extra room for you to end up shoving in extra stuff that you might otherwise leave at the bottom of a traditional rucksack.

The inside compartments are perfect for storing anything you want to keep clean/dry and away from muddy kit and the outer mesh allows for easy-access to important things like keys or snacks.

I’ve primarily used the KitBrix to keep a single set of run or swim kit in my boot and it's perfect for that. I do think that it might be a tad on the small size for some people's needs, but you can zip the bags together to carry two or more at a time which is pretty cool.

For me, as a daily bag to carry around - and even travel with - their CityBrix model would probably be more practical, but as I continue to learn to fit training around work, I definitely plan to continue to use the Ballistic Black bag.

If you were considering getting a KitBrix and this review has nudged you over the line, use the code 'precision' to get 10% off at kitbrix.com before April 30th 2019. Or, if you're quick enough, you might even be able to win yourself a bag filled with PH goodies over on Instagram.

James Phillips - Sports Scientist and Customer Service Manager

James Phillips

Sports Scientist and Customer Service Manager

James Phillips is a Sports Scientist with a BSc Honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Exeter. Formerly an elite age group triathlete, James continues to compete in swimrun and ultra running events.

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