How singer/songwriter Lemar uses PH to avoid cramp during long rides and when he's on stage

By Brad Williams | 4 Minute Read

We work with a lot of big names, but most of them are big names in the sporting world, we don't often Sweat Test pop stars.

But, we met singer, songwriter and record producer Lemar at Ride London last year (he's a keen cyclist, as you'll learn) and, if we're honest, we a developed a bit of (one way) bromance. 

Lemar has seven top ten UK singles (including Jonny's favourite (If There's Any Justice) and has sold over two million albums. He was also on Dancing on Ice last year and was, quite frankly, robbed in a mid season skate off with Donna Air.

We tested him and it was really interesting to learn just how sweaty it can get up on stage during a performance. Lemar had been struggling with cramp during his longer rides and so we set him up with a Personalised Hydration Plan and he went off to give it a good testing in his training.

Brad caught up with him recently to see how he'd been getting on...


So, Lemar, rumour has it that Precision Hydration has cured your cramping issues during your cycling events?

Yes, this is true. I was suffering from SERIOUS cramping when doing any sportive and sometimes just general cycling rides with mates.

A mate of mine found out about Precision Hydration online and decided to give it a go. He did say I should try it out but I decided to just get a bunch of salt tablets and wing my way through the Etape Du Tour. (Definitely the wrong choice)

Needless to say I suffered the most severe cramping I've had in my life towards the end of that ride. (I did manage to finish though!)

Anyway, all I remember is that year, riding basically meant cramping of some level as a standard. Roll on to the following year and I was taking part in the annual Prudential Ride London 100 event and I spotted the Precision Hydration stand there.

Eager to rectify my wrongs - I decided to go over and have a Sweat Test done. I got a hydration plan and decided to give it a go on my next sportive. Hand on my heart, since then - I've had not one cramp on any sportive I've done. For me, that's really saying something. I'm chuffed to say the least!


Lemar during the etape

That's awesome! So, what are your race plans for this year?

This year I've already completed the Mallorca 312 (in 09:38:04) and I'm down for the Etape Du Tour and the Prudential Ride London 100 again. There may be one or two more but those are the main ones I've got in my mind.

I don't know how I'm going to manage to train for all of them while performing, etc, but I'm trying to make Precision Hydration a part of my routine on and off the bike so as to keep things under control, so that I'm slightly ahead of the curve for the occasions where I do have to exert myself. So far - so good!

What's your favourite event you've done so far?

It has to be my first Etape ride back in 2017 (apart from the cramping!). The scenery was out of this world. This year I intend to better my time, challenge a few mates and most importantly....NOT cramp up!

Well hopefully we've got you covered on that front!

Ok, so you had a Sweat Test with us at Ride London, was that the first time you’ve ridden there or have you tackled that 100 miler before? How does that event compare to others you’ve ridden?

I'd done the Ride London event before. It's brilliant. Very unique. There isn't really anything else like it. Where else do you get to ride through the centre of a city with that much history, on closed roads. When the weather is good as well it's hard to fault!


Lemar during ride london

As a singer/performer, I'm sure it gets a bit hot up on stage during your gigs. Have you thought about having a bottle of PH up there with you to keep yourself topped up?

Yes, in my dressing room now I do have a bottle of Precision Hydration 250 to sip on to make sure I'm topped up before I start sweating it out on stage. It's really useful.


Ok, so how do you fit training in with performing and all of the late nights and traveling that must go along with that?

That's a good question!

I'm not really sure how I do fit it in to be fair. I usually try and do a ride very early in the morning. I find that if I don't train then, then the day runs away from me so, wherever I can, I do that.

I do try to go out with some local mates on the weekend whenever I can as well.


Lemar performing

You mentioned doing the Palace to Palace in support of the Princes Trust when we last met. Tell us a bit more about how you're using your cycling to help good causes like this?

I support a number of charities that relate to cancer research and supporting the next generation. I'm an ambassador for the Princes Trust. The Palace to Palace was a great, scenic ride. I was part of the Magic FM team there.

I've ridden the BHF London to Brighton event as well, that's always a nice casual one to do. As much as I can, I try to use my riding to raise awareness or funds for causes like this.


Good man! Thanks for chatting to us Lemar and good luck with the Etape and we'll see you at Ride London...

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