What's new with PH electrolyte supplements?

By Chris Knight | 2 Minute Read

You might have noticed a change in how your Precision Hydration packaging looks and hopefully you've been quietly impressed by the change...

Let's be honest, facelifts are rarely well received. There's a score of celebrity gossip magazines and sites that seem to survive almost entirely on discussing what went wrong with the latest attempt to look 'good' (whatever that means these days).

But, we're confident that you won't think our new look electrolyte supplements are a botch job! In fact, there's no need to fret at all as you'll still be getting the same, top notch electrolytes inside the sexy new packaging. 


Low-calorie effervescent tablets

That's right, we've finally decided to ditch the H2Pro Hydrate ("H2O what now?!") from the label on the front of the tubes - everyone was calling them PH anyway. 

We've improved the taste and brought the quantity of the minor electrolytes (Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium) in line with the amounts found in the average person's sweat whilst we're at it too.

Other than those small tweaks and the brand new look, you'll find the same multi-strength, low-calorie effervescent tablets inside the tubes.


New PH 1500 packaging


All-natural drink mixes

We've also changed the shape and look of the all-natural drink mix boxes, reducing the packaging volume by ~40% (you still get the same number of packets inside) and making them easier to store in your cupboard. A single box should even fit through your letterbox now - just make sure Lassie is well hydrated when you leave the house or you might find she's dived into your stash...

Much like your favourite movie star, the drink mix packets are exactly the same on the inside as before, just now they look a bit fresher, sleeker, and sexier.


SweatSalt Capsules

The blister-packed SweatSalt Capsules are happy with the way they look and refused to pander to today's image-obsessed, Instagram selfie culture.

For a bit more information on the PH product range and which might be most suitable for you, it's worth checking out our blog, What's the difference between Precision Hydration's packets, tubes and capsules? 

Keep an eye out for our new look electrolytes in your next order as we've been rolling them out for a while now and depending on where you live and train, you may have had them already and you may not even have noticed. 

It's possible you'll still get some of the old look stuff in your next order or two but, please, don't let on that you were hoping for something, well, a little younger and prettier - let the classic look go out with some dignity at least.

If you have any questions about the new-look PH range, just let JP know by emailing hello@precisionhydration.com. Otherwise, thanks for continuing to trust us with your hydration strategy!

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