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Jules Widdowson's trainers

Preparing physically and mentally for a multi-day endurance event

Jules Widdowson is familiar with epic physical challenges. The 2019 season saw the lawyer-turned-personal trainer win her Age Group at the Outlaw...

Charlie Pennington and Stuart Anderson at the end of Patagonman

Prepare for the worst - Lessons from an extreme triathlon debut

Sometimes long distance racing just isn't long enough, which is where ultra-endurance events come in. The prospect of signing up for such...

Andy Blow running

The 3 things to look for when entering an endurance race

Entering endurance races can end up being a costly experience and there are the logistical challenges to consider too. How do you choose which races to...

John Borstelmann sat on a wall

The Gravel World Champion on managing hydration during long rides

John Borstelmann knows about the importance of hydration better than most. The American won the 2019 Gravel World Championships - a gruelling...

John Borstelmann stood with bike

Training Plan: Why Gravel World Champ John Borstelmann uses cross training

John Borstelmann has graduated from commuting 6-miles to middle school on a battered bike to winning the 2019 Gravel World Championships over a...

Sam Appleton Cycling

Performance tips from 15x IM 70.3 winner Sam Appleton

Precision Hydration are delighted to welcome Australian pro triathlete Sam Appleton onto the team ahead of an exciting year for the 29-year-old....

Billy Vosnakis

The barefoot runner: From overweight smoker to endurance athlete

Getting bored of your normal footwear and keen to try something a bit different? Well, Billy Vosnakis from Greece got in touch...

Wolves PH coolers

How Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers approach nutrition and hydration

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC enjoyed a 2018/19 season to remember as they finished 7th in the Premier League and qualified to play Europa...

Chloe Bunnett

Plan for success: PH speaks to the winner of the world's most gruelling surfski race

The Cape Point Challenge is known as the most gruelling surfski race in the world as paddlers negotiate 52km of racing around...

Kat Matthews

Off season training plan: Pro triathlete Katrina Matthews

It's fair to say that 2019 has been a whirlwind year for pro triathlete Katrina Matthews. Kat was an Age Group winner...

Allan Hovda Sweat Test

How pro triathlete Allan Hovda refined his hydration plan to become a multiple Norseman winner

Pro triathlete Allan Hovda has come a long way as a sportsman during the past 10 years. In 2009, he had 'only'...

Sarah Barrett

IRONGRAN - An unconventional journey to six-time ITU World Champion

Sarah Barrett's route to becoming a six-time ITU Age Group World Champion hasn't exactly been conventional - she didn't start running until...

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