Which #TeamPH athletes will be competing at the 70.3 World Championships?

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Precision Hydration are very excited about the 70.3 World Championships in Nice and you'll see why.

On Friday 6th September, Andy is taking part in Purple Patch's Live 70.3 World Championships Pre-Race Meet-up, alongside Matt Dixon and IRONMAN legend Mark Allen! 

The tickets are now SOLD OUT, but you can watch it all from the comfort of your hotel / living room on Facebook Live and Instagram Live at 2:30pm local (France) time.

The guys will give you an overview of the 70.3 Worlds course and discuss hydration, nutrition, strategy and mindset. They may even throw in a few race predictions too! Plus, it’s your chance to ask this expert panel questions on all-things related to performance. Tune in LIVE and ask your questions on Facebook at @purplepatchfitness or @precisionhydration or Instagram at @purplepatchfitness or @precisionhydration.

To get you warmed up for the big event, we've spoken to 15 athletes who will have PH in their bottles in France and we took the chance to get the lowdown on the big race from them... 


Carrie Lester


Category: Women's Pro.

Qualified: Los Cabos 70.3.

Race goals: Top-10 would be a dream, but just happy to be there!

Recent highlights: Won 2019 IM Mont-Tremblant and IM France.

Post-race plans: Ventouxman (TBD). Spending a few days around Nice.

PH products: I use all strengths of sachets, as well as the SweatSalt Capsules.


Katrina Rye

Katrina Rye

Category: Women's Pro.

Qualified: IM 70.3 Staffordshire.

Race goals: Be on the start line! Top-20 finish.

Recent highlights: Amateur win at Challenge Gran Canaria (2nd lady including professionals) which led to me getting my pro licence.

Then finished 3rd at my first pro race at Staffordshire, which meant I qualified for Nice.

2nd at IM 70.3 Finland and 1st at ETU Middle Distance Champs, Targu, Romania.

Post-race plans: Next race! Local sprint the weekend after to encourage newcomers to the sport from my home town. Then Weymouth 70.3, which is a race that is local to where my Grandma lives. 

PH products: I use PH1000 and PH1500 depending on my session and environment. I'm taking the Advanced Sweat Test in Nice.

Course Preview: 70.3 World Championships.


Dimity-Lee Duke

Dimity-Lee Duke

Category: Women's Pro.

Qualified: ​70.3 Subic Bay Philippines.

Race goals: ​Top-10 finish.

Recent highlights: ​2nd at 70.3 Cebu Philippines.

Post-race plans: ​IM Barcelona.

PH products: PH500, PH1000, PH1500.


Emma Pallant

Emma Pallant

Category: Women's Pro.

Qualified: Dublin 70.3.

Race goals: Execute the best swim, bike and run of my life, and cross that finish line knowing I have nothing left in me, except for a smile!

Recent highlights: Two 70.3 wins, two Olympic distance wins and 9 podiums.

Post-race plans: Preparation for Challenge Davos the following weekend.

PH products: I use PH1500.


Sam Pictor

Category: Men's Pro.

Qualified: Weymouth 70.3 at the end of 2018. The race was very wet, cold and windy – so I’m hoping for similar conditions in Nice!

Race goals: Having broken my wrist and dislocated my elbow in June, it has become a bit of a comeback race. My goals were never that lofty for my first professional World Championships and I would be incredibly happy with a top-20.

Recent highlights: Unfortunately, I broke my wrist at the start of the summer, but 2nd place overall at Weymouth last year was a big highlight.

A couple of weekends ago I ran a local 5 x 10km relay race with some friends; I managed a 31 minute 10km on the anchor leg, but came 2nd in a sprint finish on the line – that was a great reminder of what racing is about (and was pleasing to see some run form!).

Post-race Plans: 70.3 World Champs are in the middle of a racing road trip for me.

After Nice I’ll be driving over to Switzerland to race at Challenge Davos, followed by Weymouth 70.3 the weekend after that! Can’t wait!!


Wouter Delbaere

Wouteur Delbaere

Category: Men's 35-39.

Qualified: Cebu, Philippines.

Race Goals: Enjoy the atmosphere and scenery – and finish the race injury-free. After a cycling accident, the doctor said my 2019 season is over – being at the start line is an incredible boost to my road to recovery.

Recent highlights: 2018 Singapore International Triathlon Age Group Champion. 

The 2019 season started well with a 2nd place overall at the Super League in Bali, but...

March: Cycling accident (bike got clipped during a cycling race), which resulted in a hip fracture and shoulder tears, and left me pretty much bed-ridden.

June: First attempt to walk. 

August: First attempt to run.

Post-race Plans: Immediately fly back to Singapore and back to the day job!

PH products: I use PH1500 to stay hydrated during races and training – it certainly helped address my recurring cramping issues.


Finn Arentz

Finn Arentz

Category: Men's 18-24.

Qualified: Haugesund 70.3.

Race goals: Get round in a respectable time. I had a very high speed crash just a few weeks ago and I will only just about have fully recovered by the time race day comes around!

Recent highlights: Age Group win at IM Wales ‘18 and IM Lanzarote ‘19, plus 2nd overall at Haugesund 70.3.

Post-race Plans: Straight into Kona preparations, which is the main goal for the year!

PH products: I use PH1500 during hot training sessions and races, as well as SweatSalt Capsules during the run leg.

Stuart Anderson

Category: Men's 45-49.

Qualified: 70.3 Marbella.

Race goals: Swim, bike and run hard. Enjoy the descent on the bike and pray for good legs on the run.

Recent highlights: Seven Kona finishes, this year will my eighth time racing on the island.

Post-race Plans: A day on the beach relaxing, then I need to focus on preparing for Kona.

PH products: I use PH1500 the night before and morning of the race. I use PH500 in my race bottles and take PH1000 after my race.


Brett Halliwell

Brett Halliwell

Category: Men's 25-29.

Qualified: Pays d'Aix 70.3.

Race goals: Age Group podium.

Recent career highlights: Winning the Challenge Championships overall age group, which was very unexpected.

Post-race plans: Celebrate with the family, regardless of the result, and enjoy a couple of days of sightseeing.

PH products: I use PH1500 and PH1000 for training and racing. 


Declan Doyle

Declan Doyle 

Category: Men's 45-49.

Qualified: Oman 70.3.

Race goals: Top-10 finish.

Recent highlights: 8.53 in Roth.

Post-race plans: Eat ice cream! 

PH products: PH1500 to preload and on the bike leg, and SweatSalts on the run.


Bex Rimmington


Category: Women's 35-39.

Qualified: Staffordshire 70.3.

Race goals: To try and execute a solid race in all three disciplines.

Recent highlights: Winning Ironman Bolton on first attempt (4th overall) and qualifying for Kona.

Post-race plans: After coming home I've got a week of rest and recovery, before I'll be racing Weymouth 70.3 and hopefully one more race before the season is out!

PH products: I use PH1500 before racing and PH1000 during.


Sophie Needham


Category: Women's 30-34. 

Qualified: Weymouth 70.3. 

Race goals: To achieve a PB run time over the half distance and to position higher than my previous 70.3 WC in Chattanooga, 2017. Plus, enjoy the whole experience and the mountain climb!! 

Recent highlights: Racing in Bolton at Ironman UK on 14th July this year.  After a long, gruelling race I finished 2nd in my age category, and finally got my ticket to Kona from slot roll down!   

Post-race plans: A few days of holiday in Nice, including watching the men's race, and then looking towards my first trip to Kona :-)

PH products: I use PH1500 and PH1000, and SweatSalt Capsules.


Jenny Gowans

Jenny Gowans 

Category: Women's 40-44. 

Qualified: Oman 70.3. 

Race Goals: I'm on a comeback trail after taking a break to have kids. I'm really keen to see what I can do on reduced training hours, but with a sharper training focus. 

I want to race the best I can in Nice to see how competitive I am, but all as part of a longer build to racing on my home soil in 2020, when the 70.3 Worlds are in NZ - I have big goals for that!

Recent highlights: Silver at National Sprint Age Group Championships this year. 

Post-race Plans: Sadly, I'm straight back to work on Monday, so no sightseeing but I hope to slip in an early 2020 70.3 qualifier. I'm also looking to mix it up with the new London Ultra run and possibly a SwimRun race in Malta before the year is out. 

PH products: I use PH250 tablets for everyday hydration and PH1000 and PH1500 sachets pre-, during and post-race. 

I also love the PH beanie

I use PH1500 tablets and sachets and I swear by them. I used to always get headaches after big training days and it’s completely solved it! I also always struggled racing in the heat, but can now perform reliably in hot conditions. Couldn’t recommend them enough!


David Cole


Category: Men's 30-34.

Qualified: Mallorca 70.3.

Race goals: Be competitive.

Recent highlights: Racing on home turf at Ironman Wales in Tenby in 2017 and again 2018 was very special.

The support and atmosphere is like no other that I have done. 

Post-race plans: Some relaxation and downtime in the South of France for a few days and then back to race at Weymouth 70.3 on the 22nd September.

PH products: I use PH1500 and SweatSalts. They will be an essential part of my fuelling strategy in the heat of Nice. 


Dee Allen

 Dee Allen

Category: Women's 30-34.

Qualified: Elsinore 70.3.

Race goals: Race my best race, and a step on the podium would be a bonus!

Recent highlights: 2nd at European 70.3 champs in Elsinore.

Post-race plans: Consume my own body weight in pizza and beer, and celebrate my 30th birthday in style as I head into off season, ready to rebuild for next season.

PH products: PH1500 for pre and post race/training hydration, PH250 for everyday hydration, and PH500 sachets for during race/training sessions.    

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