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Coryn Rivera topping up bottle

How Team Sunweb used lockdown to refine their riders' hydration strategies

The UCI World Tour has returned from lockdown with a bang as there have been some cracking races and Team Sunweb's riders...

Claire Smith Brutal JOGLE Jogger

Brutal JOGLE and maximising your training time for an ultra endurance challenge

Ultra endurance athlete Claire Smith is no stranger to "brutal" challenges, as her nickname would suggest. "Brutal Claire" is preparing to run the length...

Clear water image from Pexels
Andy Blow

Does drinking cold drinks in hot weather improve performance?

Should you be drinking cold drinks when exercising in hot weather? Precision Hydration founder and Sports Scientist, Andy Blow, explains what effect...

Sun and sand photo from Pexels
Abby Coleman

How to maintain your performance in extreme heat

During exercise, offloading metabolic heat to the environment is one of the biggest challenges the body has to overcome. Despite being well...

Ryan Scicluna (Image credit Ryan Scicluna)

How does an international soccer player approach nutrition and recovery?

Maltese international soccer player, Ryan Scicluna, reached out to Precision Hydration for help with his hydration strategy when training and competing in...

How Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have adapted during the pandemic

How Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have adapted during the pandemic

It's been a strange time for Premier League football clubs as a stop-start 2019/20 season finally concluded in July and Wolverhampton Wanderers...

Claire Hann sitting with bike

5 ways to improve your recovery from injury

The fluctuating highs and lows of sport were brought into start contrast for professional triathlete Claire Hann recently. Twelve months after winning her...

Sue Reynolds - before and after photo

Athlete Inside: From 335lbs to World Class Triathlete

American triathlete Sue Reynolds recently reached out to Precision Hydration for a video call to discuss her hydration strategy for racing. Our chat...

Allan Hovda in aero position on the bike

Allan Hovda: What I learned from my first race since lockdown

Pro triathlete Allan Hovda enjoyed his first race of 2020 in June as he finished 2nd in a local IRONMAN 70.3 in Norway....

Alison Walker running a backyard ultra

How to prepare your own Backyard Ultra

Alison Walker has achieved a great deal in ultrarunning in a very short space of time. Having taken up the sport in 2019,...

James Phillips trail running
James Phillips

How to find motivation for training without races

It goes without saying that lockdown restricted the way we train but it also offered an opportunity to explore and find the positives. With...

Lewis Eccleston running in Kona
Abby Coleman

Do vitamin D supplements boost performance?

The belief that vitamin D can aid muscle function, increase aerobic capacity, decrease recovery time, and therefore be used as an ergogenic...

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