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Indoor cyclist

Why training indoors is more valuable than you might think.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been bonding with Wilbur the Wattbike. Whilst this is written from a cycling perspective, I think...


Can Jasmijn Muller break the solo Land's End to John O Groats cycling record?

In September PH athlete Jasmijn Muller hopes to break two Guinness world records. She'll embark on the 840 mile-long Land's End to John O Groats...

Marathon runners

This guy is running 100 marathons in three years...

Richard Keatley has been using our electrolyte drinks for a while now. Last summer he took his hydration strategy to the next...

Fruit and vegetables

Should you make fruit and veg your main source of carbohydrate?

So far in this series on developing good nutritional habits, we’ve covered eating whole foods instead of processed foods whenever possible, being...

Grand Canyon

How to stay hydrated during the Mauna to Mauna and Grand to Grand Ultras in 2017

Alongside pacing and foot care, hydration is one of the most important factors behind success at the Grand to Grand.  Luckily, it’s...

How to stay hydrated during the Jurassic Coast Challenge

How to stay hydrated during the Jurassic Coast Challenge

There’s a strong link between Precision Hydration and the Jurassic Coast Challenge. I initially ran the JCC route in spring 2005 when...

Andy Blow

What is hyponatremia and how can you avoid it?

Hyponatremia hit the headlines with the publication of data on the prevalence of the condition in Ironman finishers. Scarily, over 10% of...


How to break into the Top 10 at Ironman Cozumel by refining your hydration strategy

Rachel Hallam's Kona ended in the medical tent. We worked with her to refine her hydration strategy and were delighted to see her...

Jan Bakelants

How pro cyclist Jan Bakelants stayed hydrated during La Vuelta.

It's always a huge buzz for us when we discover a pro athlete at the top of their sport has done their research,...

Hot drinks
Andy Blow

What to drink when you're not sweating

This is the third blog in Porsche Human Performance's ‘7 Habits of Good Nutrition’ series on precisionhydration.com. Habit #3 is drinking mainly non-calorie drinks....

Salt carriers

What to do when you lose 2.5x more sodium than the average athlete.

Here at Precision Hydration we've tested literally thousands of athletes with our Advanced Sweat Test. As you can imagine, we’ve just about...

Lady drinking
Andy Blow

Can you overdose on sports drink?

There are tell-tale signs that you might be overdoing your sodium consumption and the key to finding the 'sweet spot' with your...

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