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Fruit and vegetables

Should you just stick with real food to fuel your race?

If you’ve ever wondered whether sports nutrition products are actually any more effective than ‘normal foods’ at sustaining exercise performance, you’re definitely...

Dee Allen running

How to win Age Group Gold at the ETU Duathlon Championships.

Dee Allen won Age Group Gold at ETU Long Distance Duathlon European Championships in Copenhagen last weekend, the latest in a string...


Join us on Strava...

Here at Precision Hydration we have a distributed work team. People working in London, on the South Coast and in Vancouver, BC....

Sophie Power

How to be one of only 2 woman selected for the British Spartathlon team.

Ultra-runner (and Precision Hydration drinker!) Sophie Power was recently announced as one of two women on the 23-strong British team for the...

How to run 02:25:17 in the London Marathon. Thats FAST!

How to run 02:25:17 in the London Marathon.

Andy Greenleaf runs for the Serpentine Running Club and our friends at Team Freespeed (who snagged 3 podium finishes at Kona last...

Sand dunes

How to tell if you’re dehydrated

You've probably heard that if you get more than 2% dehydrated you'll start to see a drop off in your performance? Well, recent research suggests...

Coconut water

Why drinking coconut water during exercise is coco-nuts

To say that coconut water’s popularity has increased in the last decade is somewhat of an understatement. For a drink that didn’t...

Trail runners

How to carry your fluids (and other essentials) when trail-running.

Having used the lightweight inov-8 Race Elite Vest for quite a few trail-running races in the past, I was really pleased to...


H is for Hyponatremia.

Some experts suggest to just drink water during exercise, we say “it depends”. We have talked about hyponatremia before but to briefly...

Golf clubs

Do pro golfers need electrolyte drinks?

With the Masters tournament taking place in sunny Augusta, Georgia this weekend we thought it was a good time to catch up...

How to hydrate properly during a triathlon

How to hydrate properly during a triathlon

Most triathletes understand that being well hydrated is important if you want to perform at your best, especially during longer races and...

Coffee Cup

Does coffee ACTUALLY dehydrate you and harm your performance?

Pretty much all credible sports scientists agree can boost performance, especially during longer bouts of endurance exercise, so athletes tend to be...

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