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Claire Cashmore

Off season training plan: 4-time Paralympian Claire Cashmore

With the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo on the horizon, we spoke to the current ITU World and British champion Claire Cashmore to see how...

Footballer cramp

How PH has helped these athletes start winning the war on cramp

The cause of exercise-associated muscle cramps remains a hot topic of debate and discussions about why athletes suffer from cramp are likely to continue...

Man stretching leg

New lab-based evidence suggests electrolyte intake can help reduce cramps

The theories suggesting that exercise-associated muscle cramps are caused by electrolyte-depletion have been overshadowed by 'neuromuscular fatigue' theories in recent years, but a...

New look, Same PH

What's new with PH electrolyte supplements?

You might have noticed a change in how your Precision Hydration packaging looks and hopefully you've been quietly impressed by the change... Let's be...

Scott DeFilippis

Off Season Training Plan: Pro triathlete Scott DeFilippis

Getting your off season right can be a challenge. Do you go on a training camp? How many hours should you be...

Atlantic Coast Cliff by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels

The importance of 'mind over matter' for long distance racing

The Votwo Atlantic Coast Challenge usually involves running/walking/stumbling your way through three marathons in three days on the undulating coastline of Cornwall...

Group of cyclists

Training alone or training with others - which is best?

Most endurance events are solitary pursuits as you're ultimately competing alone on race day. Training for these events is a very different matter...

Sarah Crowley

Team PH Debate: Is it better to train alone or in a group?

Do you prefer to train on your own or with a group of like-minded athletes? It can be difficult to work out...

Andy Blow Indoor Trainer

How to get the most out of your time in your 'pain cave'

The prospect of training indoors can be unappealing for some athletes, regardless of how much you've invested in your set-up. To help...

Mike Bliss

How PH helped US Air Forcemen stay hydrated in the Middle East

A multiple finisher of IRONMAN 70.3 races, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Bliss has enjoyed a long and successful career with the US Air Force,...

Vegan salad bowl

Plant-based: The 5 things for vegan athletes to consider

The Game Changers documentary on Netflix has ignited a debate about the pros and cons of plant-based eating for athletes. Mike Vulanich is a...

FreeStyle Swimmer

Using 'stroke contrast' to improve your freestyle technique

Are you in a position where you'd like to improve your freestyle swimming technique but don't quite know where to start? It...

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