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Eilish McColgan

Lockdown training part 3: Finding the positives

As part of our 'lockdown training' series, we've spoken to PH ambassadors about how they've changed their training plans and how they've...

Gordo Byrn holding a cake

Mastering transitions in sport, life and lockdown

I've been a long-time reader of Gordon Byrn's blog and have watched with interest as he transitioned from a successful career in finance to...

James Phillips at end of race

What causes a stitch and how can you get rid of it?

Most of us will have experienced a stitch at some point during our lives. The nagging pain in your stomach, side or...

Ted Ward

Meet the inspirational teenager who completed 19 hours of continuous exercise for charity

Ted Ward is no stranger to endurance sports as he's a keen rugby player, sailor, cross-country runner and he's been a regular...

Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket

JP reviews the Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket

Precision Hydration's Customer Service Manager, James Phillips, knows his running gear. He's a keen ultra-runner and is never short of an opinion...

Ron Gordon running

Learning about the importance of hydration the hard way

Triathlete Ron Gordon learned about the dangers of hyponatremia and the importance of rehydration the hard way, and he's shared his remarkable story...

Indoor training image by Dale Travers

Lockdown training part 2: How to improvise and improve

In the second edition of our three-part 'lockdown training' series, we spoke to PH ambassadors to find out how they're adapting and improvising...

JP at finish line of Maverick New Forest
Abby Coleman

How does exercise help to reduce our anxiety?

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, it’s normal. It’s one of the body’s natural responses to stress...

Sam Appleton indoor training profile picture

My favourite indoor training session: Pro triathlete Sam Appleton

We're keen to get an insight into how our PH Ambassadors and Athletes approach their training indoors and it seemed particularly relevant at the...

Stephen Donnelly swimming in a skip

Meet the PH athlete who completed a Lockdown IRONMAN Challenge

We've enjoyed hearing from athletes who've adapted their training during lockdown and one of our PH ambassadors managed to adapt his 'racing'...

Finlay McAndrew indoor training

Inside the lockdown training plan of a PH age-group triathlete

We spoke to PH pro triathlete Brett Halliwell about how his training has been effected by the coronavirus-induced lockdown situation and we...

Pile of pancakes
Abby Coleman

Why do your eating habits change during times of stress?

The Team at PH are enjoying regular virtual 'hangouts' during the COVID-19 lockdown and a recent team chat was quite revealing as many...

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