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Otillo Swimrun

Precision Hydration named Official Hydration Partner of the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series

Precision Hydration to provide end-to-end personalised hydration solution to athletes racing ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series races in 2017. Athletes racing in ÖTILLÖ’s...

Zwift Record
Andy Blow

How Jasmijn Muller rode 1,828km in 62 hours to break the Zwift Distance Record

Later this year, PH athlete Jasmijn Muller hopes to break two Guinness world records. She'll embark on the 840 mile-long Land's End to John O...

Wolves Precision Hydration Bottles
Andy Blow

Different types of sports drink and when to use them.

There are a wealth of sports drinks on the market nowadays and we've outlined the key differences between hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic drinks, as well...

Athlete cramp
Andy Blow

Why do athletes suffer from cramp?

The causes of muscle cramp in athletes remain a contentious issue in the scientific world. We've taken a look at the competing...

Breakfast food
Andy Blow

How does Precision Hydration fit in with your wider nutrition plan?

Because hydration is only one piece of the ‘what exactly should I throw down the hatch when I’m training and racing?!’ puzzle faced by...

Can you switch to a low carb high fat diet and still maintain your performance?

Can you switch to a low carb, high fat diet and still maintain your performance?

Penny Barker is 100 days away from competing in the Race Across America. We've followed her journey towards this epic event, including her...

Man in water shower
Andy Blow

How to rehydrate quickly and improve your recovery

The period following exercise is when the body is best placed to rebalance fluid and electrolyte levels. Homeostasis helps redress the balance...


When Taking Fewer Strokes Makes You LESS Efficient (by Swim Smooth Founder Paul Newsome)

Paul Newsome is the founder of Swim Smooth, the popular online swim coaching program and provides detailed and personalised coaching at swimsmooth.guru. He doesn't do...

Indoor cyclist

Why training indoors is more valuable than you might think.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been bonding with Wilbur the Wattbike. Whilst this is written from a cycling perspective, I think...


Can Jasmijn Muller break the solo Land's End to John O Groats cycling record?

In September PH athlete Jasmijn Muller hopes to break two Guinness world records. She'll embark on the 840 mile-long Land's End to John O Groats...

Marathon runners

This guy is running 100 marathons in three years...

Richard Keatley has been using our electrolyte drinks for a while now. Last summer he took his hydration strategy to the next...

Fruit and vegetables

Should you make fruit and veg your main source of carbohydrate?

So far in this series on developing good nutritional habits, we’ve covered eating whole foods instead of processed foods whenever possible, being...

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