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How to raise an athlete.

How to raise an athlete.

We've been working flat out on something quite exciting recently (keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks...) and so when Andy remembered...

Andy Blow's race report of the 2016 Great North Swim in the UK

Andy Blow's race report of the 2016 Great North Swim in the UK

As part of my training for ÖTILLÖ in the Scilly Isles (here's the race report from that), I was talked into nipping up to...

Stones balanced

How to balance training with the demands of modern life

One of the things I love about running Precision Hydration is that I get to spend time around athletes at every level...

Sweaty lady

Ever wondered how you sweat?

Sweating. It’s often seen as an unpleasant side effect of pushing yourself in the gym, or getting nervous on a first date,...

Dimity-Lee Duke

How to qualify for the Ironman World Championships.

Aussie Dimity-Lee Duke is a pro triathlete who also happens to offer our Advanced Sweat Test out of her base in Phuket,...

Tea pouring
Andy Blow

How well do different drinks really hydrate you?

I’ve already written about how tricky measuring your hydration status can be. I thought I’d also write a piece on how well different...

Montrail trail running shoes

Andy tests out the new Montrail FluidFlex FKT trail running shoes.

 US-based trail running shoe and hiking boot brand Montrail have been around for a re-assuringly long time (since 1982 in fact, though...

Penny Barker

How to Race Across the West only a few years after major hip surgery.

Recently we've been sharing our chats with some of the pro and elite athletes in the Precision Hydration family to give you some inspiration and...

How to run a marathon in 02:47:41, dressed as a banana.

How to run a marathon in 02:47:41, dressed as a banana.

Andrew Lawrence has run for Morpeth Harriers for more than 14 years. This winter he was plagued with injury, so he decided...

Fruit and vegetables

Should you just stick with real food to fuel your race?

If you’ve ever wondered whether sports nutrition products are actually any more effective than ‘normal foods’ at sustaining exercise performance, you’re definitely...

Dee Allen running

How to win Age Group Gold at the ETU Duathlon Championships.

Dee Allen won Age Group Gold at ETU Long Distance Duathlon European Championships in Copenhagen last weekend, the latest in a string...


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Here at Precision Hydration we have a distributed work team. People working in London, on the South Coast and in Vancouver, BC....

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