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Fuelling and hydration advice for Castle Race Series Triathlons

Fuelling is often referred to as the “4th discipline” of triathlon because getting it right is crucial if you want to perform at your best. Here's some advice to help you nail your plan on race day.

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Fuelling and hydration advice for Castle Race Series Runs

Getting your fuelling and hydration strategy right on race day is crucial if you want to perform at your best during a run. Here's some advice to help you nail your plan...

30 Minute Read

How to decide whether to DNS or push through and start your big race

Injury or illness can leave you unsure whether to toe the start line of your next race or have a line in. Sports Scientist Andy Blow explains how best to make a decision that's right for you.

8 Minute Read

How to train your gut (and consume more carb)

Sports Scientist Andy Blow offers 10 practical guidelines to help you train your gut to absorb more carbohydrate during training and competitions...

9 Minute Read

What should you eat during the hours before training and races?

Precision Fuel & Hydration Founder Andy Blow draws on his own experience and the literature to explain what, how much and when you should eat during the few hours before exercise...

8 Minute Read

How useful is the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch?

We've been thoroughly testing Gatorade's Gx Sweat Patch since it was launched and have shared our thoughts on its utility here.

17 Minute Read

Why we're getting into fueling

Why Precision Fuel & Hydration developed from being the hydration specialists to fueling athletes to perform at their best.

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How to fuel an ultra endurance race

Fueling and hydration play a crucial role in your success during ultra races. We take a look at how to prepare your fueling plan and explain what to do if things go wrong mid-race...

15 Minute Read

Which energy products are right for you?

To help you select the format of fuel that's right for you, Andy Blow outlines the pros and cons of carb drinks, gels, chews and bars...

14 Minute Read

How much carbohydrate do athletes need per hour?

When refining your fueling strategy, the key question to answer is 'How much carbohydrate do you need per hour?'. Sports Scientist Andy Blow outlines the science and basic guidelines for athletes...

15 Minute Read

The art of tapering (and a tale of two tapers)

Andy Blow recalls two very different experiences of race tapering to illustrate there's more than one way to build up to your A race.

8 Minute Read

What happens when you ‘bonk’? (And how to avoid it!)

Sports Scientist Andy Blow explains what the phenomenon known as ‘Bonking’, ‘Hunger flats’ and ‘Hunger knocks’ involves, and provides some practical advice about how you can avoid it...

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