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The triathlete who completed a lockdown IM 70.3 for the NHS

Precision Fuel & Hydration caught up with 220 Triathlon magazine's Features Editor, Matt Baird, after he completed a half-IRONMAN in his back garden.

7 Minute Read

Meet the man who ran a garden marathon for charity during lockdown

Precision Fuel & Hydration spoke to James Page after he ran 873 laps of his garden to raise money for charity during lockdown.

4 Minute Read

The 10 virtual events to keep you motivated (and sane) during lockdown

Precision Fuel & Hydration have picked out the 10 virtual events that will be keeping them fit, motivated and sane during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

5 Minute Read

The challenges of racing in a desert

Allie Bailey took on the Race To The Wreck Challenge, which involved traversing 300km across the Namibian Desert. Allie explains how she prepared for the epic event.

4 Minute Read

Listen to Team Precision Fuel & Hydration on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Precision Fuel & Hydration's Andy, Jonny and Abby were interviewed by Chris Evans during his breakfast show on Virgin Radio. Listen to the interview in full...

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