No matter how hard you train for your race, without a proper Fuel and Hydration Plan, you’re still missing a crucial piece. Our goal is to help you create a personalised strategy so that you can perform at your best on race day.

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The Three Levers

When it comes to your race nutrition strategy, there are three key elements that underpin an effective plan for endurance performance: carbohydrate, sodium and fluid.

Understanding these Three Key Levers allows you to identify target numbers and adjust each lever accordingly. Sure, there are other nutritional elements to consider, but these three are the acute costs of taking part in endurance exercise and should be the focal point of your plan.


Consuming carb as an athlete might not be new to you, but do you know how much you need per hour?

Carbs are the main source of fuel used during exercise and help you perform at high intensities, over long durations. Without enough (or without proper digestive preparation), you’ll be leaving energy on the table.

How much carb?

How to hit your carb numbers

How to start properly fueled


You lose electrolytes in your sweat, and most of this is sodium. Subsequently, sodium plays a crucial role in hydration, and using the strength of sodium-based electrolyte that suits how you sweat is a key piece of your race strategy. Some people lose more sodium in their sweat than others, but the ratio (sodium:fluid) for an individual stays fairly stable.

How much sodium do you lose in your sweat?

Overcoming hydration-related issues

The contents of your sports drinks


The amount of fluid you need to consume during exercise is tied to the amount you’re losing (via sweating). During endurance exercise, your sweat losses are bound to mount up and require a strategic approach to fluid consumption in order to adequately replace a decent proportion of those losses.

How to refine your fluid intake


Other hydration considerations


In addition to the three levers of carb, sodium and fluid, caffeine is one of only a handful of other supplements that’s proven to enhance performance. Whilst carb, sodium and fluid are an essential part of your race nutrition strategy, it's worth working out whether caffeine is right for you...

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4 steps to refine your strategy

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