Hydration, Fueling and Performance Advice for Athletes


How to maintain motivation for training as you get older

Dr Bryce Dyer looks at what the scientific literature and his own hard-won experience tells us about maintaining motivation and longevity in sport as you get older.

7 Minute Read

How to carb load before your next race

You probably know you should top up on carbohydrate before events but do you know how to carb-load effectively? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains the science and practical considerations...

8 Minute Read

Hydration and fueling recommendations for tennis players

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains how to stay properly hydrated and fueled during your next tennis match...

7 Minute Read

How a pro endurance athlete approaches gut training

Pro athlete and endurance coach Dougal Allan explains how he learned to train his gut so he can consume more carbohydrate on race day.

6 Minute Read

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The sports tech that actually makes you faster (but is it ethically right to use it?)

Dr Bryce Dyer explores some of the current technological innovations in sport to see if they really can give you a performance gain...

7 Minute Read

Former Olympian opens up on the disappointment of failing to qualify for Tokyo

Pro triathlete Gabor Faldum explains how he rediscovered his motivation for racing after missing out on qualification for Tokyo 2020...

4 Minute Read

What does the future hold for the legendary UTMB?

International mountain leader and ultra running coach Sam Hill considers what the future holds for UTMB after the legendary trail running brand partnered with IRONMAN...

5 Minute Read

How to train your gut (and consume more carb)

Sports Scientist Andy Blow offers 10 practical guidelines to help you train your gut to absorb more carbohydrate during training and competitions...

9 Minute Read

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Expert insight: Planning your IRONMAN fueling and hydration strategy

Pro athlete and endurance coach Dougal Allan explains how experience, research and planning have helped him refine his fueling and hydration strategy for IRONMAN racing.

6 Minute Read

Training for a 200-mile FKT attempt (and keeping burnout at bay)

Mike Ellicock clocked the 2nd fastest time ever for the 200-mile South Downs Way Double and he gives us an insight into his training regime...

3 Minute Read

3 ways to mentally adapt to training in extreme heat

Sports Scientist and Endurance Coach Tom Walker explains what he's learned about mentally preparing for the heat after moving from Wales to Dubai...

4 Minute Read

Why your performance will decline with age (and how you can slow that decline!)

Dr Bryce Dyer considers the evidence around the aging-performance relationship and suggests ways that you can slow the decline and maintain your performance levels as you grow older...

7 Minute Read

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