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Can you train your gut to tolerate more fluid?

The science shows that it's possible to train your gut to consume more cabohydrate, but do the same principles apply to fluid intake?

11 Minute Read

How to be a faster cyclist: Focus on problems over products

Dr Bryce Dyer explains how focusing on problems rather than products can help make you a faster cyclist...

8 Minute Read

5 unusual endurance events to sign up for in 2022

We pick out 5 unusual endurance events that could provide you with a unique challenge this year...

4 Minute Read

Back from the brink: One man's journey from paralysis to endurance athlete

EnduRow founder Steven Dowd shares his journey, from being paralysed in a cycling accident to V-Everesting, completing 100-mile bike challenges and indoor endurance rowing events.

8 Minute Read

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How to pace your perfect marathon

The Run Strong Podcast host and coach Tom Walker explains why pacing your marathon is all in the mind (and in your training and fueling...).

5 Minute Read

What happens if you DON'T train on Christmas Day?

Just another day? Dr Bryce Dyer looks at the science to help you decide whether you should be training on Christmas Day...

4 Minute Read

How this World Record holder hit new heights when training in his mid-40s

Simon Johns explains how he hit new heights in his mid-40s during training for a World Record indoor rowing challenge...

6 Minute Read

Who's on your team? Why endurance athletes should build a support team

Pro endurance athlete and coach Dougal Allan explains how you can learn from elite athletes when building a tight and trusted support team around you.

4 Minute Read

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How to be a successful latecomer to endurance sports

Record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall explains how he went from running his first half-marathon at the age of 35 to representing his country 5 years later...

6 Minute Read

A beginner's guide to gravel racing

Gravel riding newbie Dr Bryce Dyer explores the kit, training, hydration, fueling and the events that will help you transition to gravelin'...

7 Minute Read

Are female athletes’ carbohydrate needs different to men's?

Using the current scientific literature and evidence, Sports Scientist Abby Coleman answers the question: Should female athletes be fueling differently to their male counterparts?

9 Minute Read

How to decide whether to DNS or push through and start your big race

Injury or illness can leave you unsure whether to toe the start line of your next race or have a line in. Sports Scientist Andy Blow explains how best to make a decision that's right for you.

8 Minute Read

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