Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Why training indoors is more valuable than you might think

Here's why you really shouldn't view indoor training as a poor alternative to getting outside...


Should you make fruit and veg your main source of carbohydrate?

Simply put, vegetables and fruits are the best types of food we can eat for our health, but are they a suitable source of carbohydrates for athletes?


This guy is running 100 marathons in three years...

Richard Keatley has been using our electrolyte drinks for a while now. Last summer he took his hydration strategy to the next level by taking our Advanced Sweat Test. Why?


How to stay hydrated during the Jurassic Coast Challenge

Andy Blow did the Jurassic Coast Challenge again so we put together a recommended hydration plan for the event to help those of you doing it from making the same mistakes he made first time around


What is hyponatremia and how can you avoid it?

Nausea, fatigue, headaches towards the end of race? It could be hyponatremia. A medical term describing low blood sodium levels, often driven by over-drinking


How pro cyclist Jan Bakelants stayed hydrated during La Vuelta

Jan Bakelants won the Yellow Jersey during the 2013 Tour de France, then held it for two stages. He uses Precision Hydration to stay hydrated on his bike.


Can you overdose on sports drink?

Is it possible to overdose on sodium by drinking too much of an electrolyte-based sports drink?


What to drink when you're not sweating

Our friends at PHP's third blog in their ‘7 Habits of Good Nutrition’ series is on the habit of drinking mainly non-calorie drinks when you're not exercising.


What to do when you lose 2.5x more sodium than the average athlete

Jack Richards' loses 2,314mg sodium per litre (32oz) of sweat. Here's how Precision Hydration helped him become an Ironman by personalizing his hydration strategy...


Does caffeine boost your performance?

We've written about caffeine before from a hydration point of view. Pretty much all credible sports scientists agree it can boost performance.


How to motivate yourself to train this winter

Even endurance athletes are only human and we suffer from the same fluctuations in “get up and go” as everyone else from time to time! Here are some tips to help you get out of the door this winter...


How to go sub-10 in your second Ironman in a week (and qualify for Kona 2017)

Coach Andy Sloan talks us through his Ironman training plan and how he managed to qualify for Kona only one week after a disappointing target race...