Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


How Jasmijn Muller won the World 24-hour Time Trial Championships

Jasmijn matched the World Record of 433.2 miles to win by over 19 miles! We caught up with her to get some insight into what it takes to perform at your best in extreme conditions for a FULL DAY...


How to combat the dehydrating symptoms of the menopause.

Suffering from hot flushes? Night Sweats? Cramp? This blog aims to help you understand some of the symptoms of menopause so you're better equipped to ease them.


How to minimize alcohol's effects on your waistline

How can you enjoy a few drinks whilst minimising the impact on your waistline? Jack from Porsche Human Performance shares some tips.


This guy rose 400 places in his Ironman races in less than a year...

There are few things more satisfying than hearing from a PH athlete who's chuffed to bits with a result they've just achieved...


Sweating like a pig in Hogtown (Toronto, Canada)

I set up a Sweat Test Centre in Toronto and GTA to help athletes (triathletes, cyclists, ultra-runners, tennis pros) stay hydrated when they're sweating


Olympic medalists Ashton and Brianne Eaton talk Sweat Testing, training schedules and life after success at the highest level

Double Olympic Gold medalist Ashton Eaton and his Bronze medal winning wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton had a Sweat Test at the University of Oregon. Here's how that helped them on their way to glory...


How to decide whether a food is healthy or unhealthy

We have a basic 3-step guide on how to make smart, informed decisions on whether a food or drink is ok to go into your basket or best left on the shelf...


12 tips for Kílian Jornet for his Bob Graham Round attempt.

Want to complete the iconic British endurance challenge and become a member of ‘the most exclusive Club in the world’? Have a read of these tips for success...


Healthy Hydration Recipes: Watermelon & Feta Salad

This recipe is aimed at helping you stay hydrated at times when drinking PH would be overkill, such as before & after shorter, low intensity training sessions.


How getting Sweat Tested transformed Superbike World Championship rider Eugene Laverty's life

Over the years we've personalised the hydration strategies of many elite motorsport athletes, including Superbike World Championship rider Eugene Laverty.


Whats the difference between Precision Hydration's packets, tubes and capsules?

Our multi-strength, hypotonic electrolyte supplements come in 3 different formats. Here's the differences between them...


How Kate Comber came 3rd at Ironman Maastricht (pssst, she shares her full training plan!)

Fresh off the back of her first pro podium at Ironman Maastricht], I caught up with Kate Comber to find out just how she's managing such epic results so early on in her pro career...

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