Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Why is your thirst quenched so quickly after drinking? And does dehydration negatively impact performance even if you don't know you're thirsty?

Does dehydration negatively impact performance even if you don't know you're thirsty? 2 research papers ask these questions and we've summarised them.


Should you really just ‘drink water to thirst’?

Do you need electrolyte supplements and sports drinks or is plain water enough to avoid hydration-related issues like hyponatremia and dehydration, and to perform at your best?


High sweat sodium losses can aid the development of hyponatremia! (PH paper published in The BMJ)

BMJ case report by Dr Doug Lewis, Dr Tamara Hew-Butler and Precision Hydration provides evidence for the importance of the personalization of hydration practices and sodium replacement for athletes.


5 ways to avoid ruining your marathon the week before your race

Tips to avoid the common pre-race pitfalls by marathon running experts Martin Yelling (Marathon Talk), Mario Fraioli (The Morning Shakeout) and Andy Blow (Precision Hydration).


How to optimise your triathlon taper

Studies have suggested you can expect a performance boost of 2-3% from effective tapering. That's >5mins off a 6hr Half Ironman! Here's how to realise those gains...


Hydration/nutrition tips for XC and Marathon Mountain Bike races from elite rider Stu Bowers

Stu Bowers races for SCOTT Racing. Here's Stu's take on how to hydrate and fuel effectively for MTB racing...


How to stay hydrated (and train for an Ultraman) in a war zone

Tommy Bowling is training for an Ultraman whilst serving in Afghanistan. He's working/training in 120°F (49°C) desert heat, so hydration is a BIG challenge for him. Here's how he does it...


How much dehydration can you tolerate before your performance suffers?

The consensus is that some level of dehydration is acceptable (maybe even desirable) rather than aiming for 100% replacement of sweat during exercise. But why?


Can hot drinks help you perform in cold weather?

Should you be drinking warm drinks when training/racing in cold climates? Does it help you stay hydrated and improve your performance in other ways? Find out...


What we learned from getting our Sweat Test data published in an academic journal

We’ve been Sweat Testing athletes for years and so we’ve gathered a unique and interesting database of information on the composition of athlete’s sweat...


Should your hydration strategy change as you get older?

Older athletes tend to pee more, retain less water due to decreased muscle mass and have a diminished sense of thirst. This makes getting your hydration strategy right even more important...


Should you go training on Christmas Day?

It's dedication shown over the other 364 days of the year that'll help inch you towards your goals. You won't get extra credit for going out on December 25th!

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