Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Science of recovery: the importance of food, hydration and sleep

Precision Hydration's Sports Scientist, Abby Coleman, sheds light on the three core principles of recovery - food, hydration and sleep.


How to monitor your HRV and improve recovery

Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow details his experiences of using a Heart Rate Variability monitor to help implement changes to his daily life, training load and travel.


Meet the man who ran a garden marathon for charity during lockdown

Precision Hydration spoke to James Page after he ran 873 laps of his garden to raise money for charity during lockdown.


How much should I drink during exercise?

A question we're regularly asked at Precision Hydration is 'how much should I drink?' There isn't a straightforward, 'one size fits all' answer, but Abby Coleman has outlined a potential strategy.


The 10 virtual events to keep you motivated (and sane) during lockdown

Precision Hydration have picked out the 10 virtual events that will be keeping them fit, motivated and sane during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


How pro triathlete Sam Appleton has adapted his training during lockdown

Precision Hydration recorded a video chat with pro triathlete Sam Appleton to hear how he's adapted his training to the lockdown situation facing the world during the coronavirus pandemic.


Andy reviews the Aussie Grit Focus Jacket

I’ve used and tested various items from the range in the past but my current favourite is the Focus Jacket - a lightweight waterproof primarily aimed at trail runners...


Pro tips for land-based swim training

Precision Hydration spoke to elite triathletes Sarah Crowley, Allan Hovda, Kat Matthews and Hamish Reilly to find out how we can train for swimming without using a pool or open water.


The challenges of racing in a desert

Allie Bailey took on the Race To The Wreck Challenge, which involved traversing 300km across the Namibian Desert. Allie explains how she prepared for the epic event.


On-nomi with Andy and former F1 star Mark Webber

Andy Blow is joined by former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber for an online drink as the pair share an 'on-nomi' and discuss how sport has been affected by the coronavirus situation.


Detraining - will I lose fitness by not training during lockdown?

The loss of fitness through detraining can be a major worry for athletes, so how's best to approach training during an enforced lay-off? Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow outlines his 5 key tips.


How to stay hydrated when training for a Haute Route event during the Lockdown

Staying hydrated is going to be crucial if you want to perform at your best during your indoor Haute Route event. We've got some advice for you...