Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


How to be self-sufficient with your race nutrition in the "new normal"

Sports Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist Claire Fudge explains how athletes can be self-sufficient when racing under Covid restrictions in the "new normal".


Do you sweat when you swim?

Sports Scientist Inez Griffin answers the question of 'do you sweat when you swim?' and highlights the importance of having effective hydration strategies for pool and open water swimming.


Developing an ultra-endurance mindset (and rowing the Atlantic Ocean)

HMS Oardacious captain Hugo Mitchell-Heggs explain the importance of developing your mindset for ultra-endurance events after completing the 2,550 nautical mile Atlantic Rowing Race...


Should you use painkillers to exercise through the pain-barrier?

Some athletes may use painkillers to mask injuries so that they can continue to perform, so Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers and recommendations for NSAID use in sport...


How not to use painkillers (what JP learned from a self-inflicted DNF)

Precision Hydration's Customer Service Manager James Phillips gives us an insight into the lessons he learned after making an ill-advised decision on the morning of a race...


What happens when you drink too much before a race?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores pre-race hyponatremia and the dangers associated with athletes drinking too much before a race.


How to use indoor training to prepare for the heat of racing

Paralympic medal-winning athlete Crystal Lane-Wright tells PH how she's using winter training for heat acclimation and to prepare her hydration strategy for the Tokyo Games...


Strength and conditioning: What can Aussie Rules Football teach endurance athletes?

Precision Hydration speak to West Perth's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Corey Green to find out what Aussie Rules Football can teach endurance athletes about strength, conditioning and rehab.


Planning your race: The power of the checklist

Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow enlists the help of pro triathlete Kat Matthews to draw up a checklist template to help you prepare for your next event.


Olympic gold medallist Liam Heath: "Taking a step back re-ignited my motivation to compete"

Olympic gold medallist Liam Heath is the latest elite athlete to join Team PH and we caught up with Liam as he steps up his preparations for his gold medal defence at the Tokyo Olympics...


"Control the controllables" - How elite athletes prepare a race checklist

Elite athletes with PH in their bottles give us an insight into how they prepare their checklist for race day and offer practical advice for us to take into our own pre-race routine.


Training advice from record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall

Record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall has joined Team PH and we caught up with the holder of 5 Fastest Known Times to get his advice for training, racing and epic challenges.

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