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The Japanese Way: Why don't Japan dominate major marathon races?

Award-winning author Adharanand Finn explores why 'The Japanese Way' means the country's marathon runners don't dominate the sport as perhaps they should...

5 Minute Read

Pro triathlete Adam Bowden's top 5 performance tips

Professional triathlete Adam Bowden shares 5 of his top performance-enhancing tips for training and racing...

3 Minute Read

How to pace your ultra race

Pacing your ultra can be difficult, so record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall has shared the 4 mantras he follows in order to be 'the fastest tortoise'...

7 Minute Read

What should you eat during the hours before training and races?

Precision Fueel & Hydration Founder Andy Blow draws on his own experience and the literature to explain what, how much and when you should eat during the few hours before exercise...

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What can Premier League footballers teach endurance athletes about recovery?

Wolverhampton Wanderers' Head Nutritionist Dr Mayur Ranchordas explains what endurance athletes can learn from Premier League footballers when it comes to nutrition and recovery...

5 Minute Read

How this runner overcame past hydration issues to conquer the Leadville Trail Marathon

Chris Justice tells us how he overcame past issues with dehydration by refining his hydration strategy, before conquering the Leadville Trail Marathon...

6 Minute Read

Run To Refuge: The athlete with cerebral palsy who's running 1,900 miles

Ultrarunner Tom Crossland explains how his meticulous approach to training ensures he won't let cerebral palsy stand in his way when running 1,900 miles around the coast of England and Wales...

7 Minute Read

How useful is the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch?

We've been thoroughly testing Gatorade's Gx Sweat Patch since it was launched and have shared our thoughts on its utility here.

17 Minute Read

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6 ways you’re getting your fueling strategy wrong (and how to fix it!)

Your fueling strategy is a hugely important aspect of your performance on race day. We've outlined 6 ways you could be getting your fueling wrong and provided ways to fix these 'nutrition fails'...

9 Minute Read

Why we're getting into fueling

Why Precision Fuel & Hydration developed from being the hydration specialists to fueling athletes to perform at their best.

11 Minute Read

Can athletes consume MORE than 90g of carb per hour?

There's a growing trend for athletes to report consuming more than 90g of carb per hour during events, but is this really possible? Abby Coleman explores the evidence...

6 Minute Read

How to fuel an ultra endurance race

Fueling and hydration play a crucial role in your success during ultra races. We take a look at how to prepare your fueling plan and explain what to do if things go wrong mid-race...

15 Minute Read

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