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How to deal with the dreaded 'after-drop'

If you've read our blog about the Cold Water Research project, you'll know that not a great deal is known about the impact on the body after swimming in cold water. Here's what we do know...


Should you be rolling out after every training session?

The efficacy of rolling out has been a hot button topic in the world of sports performance. There are arguments for and against so should we or shouldn't we?


Why training indoors is more valuable than you might think

Here's why you really shouldn't view indoor training as a poor alternative to getting outside...


Thinking about doing a Swimrun race? Read this!

Swimrun is on the rise and, if you’re looking for a new challenge, it’s well worth checking out the ÖTILLÖ series. But what does a swimrun race involve? Ben and Rhian Martin share their experiences...


How to knock 20 minutes off your Ironman run PB

Coach Rob Wilby of Team Oxygenaddict and the Cup of Tri podcast met up with us at the Ironman UK Expo to get his sweat tested 'on-air' for the show.


Triathlon guide: How to put in your best performance on race day

Triathlon Coach Rob Wilby from Team Oxygenaddict is back with some advice to ensure that you get the best performance you can from your fitness.


How to balance training with the demands of modern life

Precision Hydration founder and former elite triathlete Andy Blow shares his tips for how to get the most out of training when time is limited.


Why giving up alcohol could do wonders for your performance

Will having a few more drinks than normal harm your performance? And how can you rehydrate effectively if you do have an alcoholic drink?

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