Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


The importance of 'mind over matter' for long distance racing

The Atlantic Coast Challenge involves running three marathons in three days, although Alex Croucher decided to run all three marathons along the Cornish coast back-to-back(-to-back).


Training alone or training with others - which is best?

Is it better to train on your own or as part of a group? Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow discusses the pros and cons of each style of training.


How to get the most out of your time in your 'pain cave'

Training indoors isn't always the most appealing prospect for athletes, so Precision Hydration have sasked athletes for their best advice for training in your 'pain cave'.


Plant-based: The 5 things for vegan athletes to consider

Professional triathlete Mike Vulanich went vegan a couple of years ago and he provides his five top tips for vegan athletes.


Rated: The 5 best indoor training platforms

Precision Hydration's Sean O'Mahony has reviewed the 5 best indoor training platforms to help guide you through your indoor training.


The 3 lessons I learned from my TransPyrenees race 'failure'

Ultra runner Robbie Britton took on the 1,600km TransPyrenees bike race, but pulled out after 621km. Rather than dwell on disappointment, Robbie reveals the 3 lessons he learnt from his 'failure'.


How to stay hydrated during a marathon

When racing for two hours or more you’re right on the threshold at which good hydration practices start to become crucial to perform at your best. Why not consider your marathon hydration strategy...


Why do I feel dizzy after races or hard workouts?

What causes dizzy spells, wobbly legs or even collapses after a race or particularly hard workout? Andy Blow explains the potential causes and solutions.


Chelsea Sodaro - From US Olympic hopeful to IRONMAN 70.3 star

Chelsea Sodaro has enjoyed a rapid rise in the world of triathlon as the former American national running champion has made a huge impression in IRONMAN 70.3 races.


How humidity affects hydration, endurance and performance

Conditions can be brutal when there's high humidity and temperatures, so Precision Hydration's Andy Blow has looked at how you can best prepare for such environments.


Could 'managing' your gut microbiome improve your performance?

The gut microbiome has been linked with a number of health conditions and Spokes Fit's Will Newman has written a blog on how managing your gut microbiome can affect athletic performance.


The truth about ketones - do they aid recovery?

What exactly are ketones, what are their reported benefits and are they of use to you? Sports journalist James Witts reports back on his findings after attending the Science & Cycling Conference.