Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Eilish McColgan on preparing for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Two-time Olympian Eilish McColgan spoke to Precision Hydration about how she's preparing for the heat and humidity of Tokyo.


How does your body work to prevent dehydration at night?

Does not being able to drink during sleep mean you're going to wake up dehydrated? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman looks at how the body's internal clock helps prevent dehydration overnight.


2021 Athlete Muscle Cramp Survey

We surveyed hundreds of athletes with cramp and here's what we found...


How PH has helped these athletes start winning the war on cramp

Precision Hydration have spoken to several athletes who have been in touch to let us know how PH electrolytes have helped them overcome or alleviate their cramping issues.


New lab-based evidence suggests electrolyte intake can help reduce cramps

The cause of cramp remains a topic of debate. The theory of electrolyte depletion has gained some traction following the findings of a new study - Andy Blow takes a look...


The importance of 'mind over matter' for long distance racing

The Atlantic Coast Challenge involves running three marathons in three days, although Alex Croucher decided to run all three marathons along the Cornish coast back-to-back(-to-back).


Training alone or training with others - which is best?

Is it better to train on your own or as part of a group? Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow discusses the pros and cons of each style of training.


How to get the most out of your time in your 'pain cave'

Training indoors isn't always the most appealing prospect for athletes, so Precision Hydration have sasked athletes for their best advice for training in your 'pain cave'.


Plant-based: The 5 things for vegan athletes to consider

Professional triathlete Mike Vulanich went vegan a couple of years ago and he provides his five top tips for vegan athletes.


Rated: The 5 best indoor training platforms

Precision Hydration's Sean O'Mahony has reviewed the 5 best indoor training platforms to help guide you through your indoor training.


The 3 lessons I learned from my TransPyrenees race 'failure'

Ultra runner Robbie Britton took on the 1,600km TransPyrenees bike race, but pulled out after 621km. Rather than dwell on disappointment, Robbie reveals the 3 lessons he learnt from his 'failure'.


How to stay hydrated during a marathon

When racing for two hours or more you’re right on the threshold at which good hydration practices start to become crucial to perform at your best. Why not consider your marathon hydration strategy...